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  1. You're welcome Because RGB sliders aren't suitable to edit a color's lightness or saturation independent of hue, a process that happens a lot in graphic and web design! Also it's much easier to create new colors in HSL Wheel rather than in RGB Sliders! (Set hue, then set S and L) They're always decimal in my Affinity Photo
  2. Thanks... but it has only copy, and it can't be used in all colors such as layer's stroke color
  3. It can be converted simply! Right now you can Paste a color in "RGB Hex Sliders"'s text box, then go to HSL from drop-down and see the pasted color! It would be more simple if a similar text box exists in HSL Color Wheel, to copy/paste colors.
  4. I still think it's a logical bug (because the white background and the white layer are exactly the same visually).. therefore could make mistakes for designers:) See the image
  5. Hi In AFPhoto's small color picker, I usually use HSL Color Wheel which doesn't have the necessary "Hex code" text box. (Useful to copy/paste every color even across other softwares) I think It's better to put hex code in all color pickers, similar to AFPhoto's main Color Chooser:)
  6. It could be mistook for white layer, At the moment I personally need to make a white layer first to prevent unwanted results! In the attachment I have a pixel layer with "Add" blending mode containing a white text and black background, and selected layer is a blue background with opacity:88... see the result
  7. Hi If we have a "layer A" right above white empty background, its blending mode will always be normal, even if it's set to another mode such as Screen! Even if we have another "layer B" with normal blending but opacity less than 100 under our "layer A" , the problem still exists for layer A's blending mode. It could make unwanted results in some cases as people usually suppose white background as a white layer! Thanks;) Affinity Photo Windows
  8. Hi! Please Add Decimal Places for Rotation, Shear and dpi resolution (number shown in top-left when Move tool is selected) It can be useful and in many cases and make program more precise;)
  9. Hi. I've purchased Affinity Photo 1.5 recently. Thank you for you software and support. If you upscale a pixel layer more than about 400%, when you rasterise it, you'll see square pixels remain without a proper resampling. Also rasterising has some problems when you use live filters in upscaled layers. (here is afphoto file and here is exported tiff file) Please take a look at exported file. In exported file, two layers that are not rasterised (bottom-right) have proper resampling unlike rasterised layers, So I suggest use exactly the same function for rasterising that "export" does.
  10. Hi, nice to meet you! Sometimes when I'm working with vectors, unwillingly click beside of a node so layer becomes deselected and another layer may be selected, and it's bother to select the target layer again. Similar happens when moving small layers. In Photoshop, layer selection is locked by default so designer concentrates only on current layer with no fear of changing selection:)
  11. Hi everyone! How can I lock layer's selection so if i click outside of the layer, It wouldn't be deselected? It's useful mostly in moving layers and working with vectors.
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