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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to check in on this bug. Any sense of when it might be coming in an update?
  2. Great, thanks again Matt! So excited for these 1.5 improvements - AD is a game changer...
  3. Guys, to add some detail - I am able to reproduce this error even when ALL symbols are drag+dropped from the Symbols panel. In other words, it is not based on Alt+Dragging or Copying/Pasting. It occurs with symbols directly from the Symbols panel. In my scenario, this is how I reproed: 1) Create an artboard. 2) Create symbol in artboard. 3) Drag/drop 4 instances of symbol onto that artboard from the Symbols panel. 5) Draw a new artboard (do NOT copy/paste artboard). Repeat until you have 4 artboards. 6) Drag one of the 4 symbols from the original artboard to each of the new artboards, so that each artboard has the symbol. 7) Begin editing and adding elements inside of the symbols. Try doing so across the different artboards. ERROR OCCURS.
  4. Below is the file and a link of a broken symbol example from the start of a new document to the error. Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dji7lw6xqpoeoke/demo-bug.mp4?dl=0 Steps: 1) Created new document using presets 2) Create new artboard, duplicate artboard 3 times 3) Place a rectangle on artboard, name it, and convert to symbol (notice "Sync" was never unchecked at any point in the video) 4) Drag / drop symbol onto artboards 2 & 3. 5) Alt+Drag symbol from artboard 3 to artboard 4 (to test different methods). 6) Add text to first symbol instance. ERROR OCCURS. See artboard 3 - the text never appears. 7) Add Circle object. ERROR OCCURS. See artboard 3 - the circle never appears. 8) Recall that this is the symbol that I Alt+Dragged from to add the symbol on the 4th artboard. While this demonstration illustrates the error after Alt+Dragging, I've also had it occur reliably with Dragging + Dropping as well as Copying + Pasting. demo-bug.afdesign
  5. Thanks for the detailed answer, Matt. I don't believe I'm doing anything out of the ordinary and I can repeat this behavior nearly every time I create a symbol. I will try to start a document from scratch and cause the break so you have a full video record of how it's occurring.
  6. Yes, this is exactly what I've done on all of the documents and videos I've shared so far. Please watch the last video. It gives a perfect demonstration of how bad this issue is. Symbols break completely in this scenario. The video (https://www.dropbox....ad-bug.mp4?dl=0) is showing you a rectangle that I added a few basic objects to (inner rectangles and text). I began the document using Web presets. Symbols are effectively not working at all.
  7. I've just discovered an ancillary issue. When I use the history scrubber to review my changes, it crashes the app. On top of that, it resets the entire interface and I lose all of my custom panel positions and settings. This happens every time I scrub the history.
  8. The labels on the radio buttons in the Typography panel are off. Screen attached.
  9. For me, it's not based on a specific file. Every single document I've created has this issue. I just uninstalled/reinstalled and it's happening again. I also performed an app reset via Launchpad. No luck. Here is a video (and attached file) demonstrating how bad the issue becomes, using an entirely new document: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxpuaa6p2gxoxxp/ad-bug.mp4?dl=0 testbed.afdesign
  10. Just a bit more detail - I've completely uninstalled/reinstalled Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer via AppCleaner, and it's still occurring.
  11. Hi Guys, Here's a video demonstrating the bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7380p4o6s2q4ymz/bug.mp4?dl=0 As you can see, part way through, the symbol suddenly stops working, even though it was never detached. I'm demonstrating both copying/pasting symbols as well as dragging from the symbol panel. After the symbol broke, I deleted the erroneous symbol and dragged a new instance out from the symbol panel. All 4 began working again. This is happening seemingly randomly and with every duplicate symbol I've worked with so far :( Thanks, Jim temp2.afdesign
  12. One other bit of detail - after creating a symbol, I'm typically copying/pasting it from one artboard to another vs dragging new instances out from the Symbols panel. Any chance that could have something to do with it?
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