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  1. borderlandphoto

    Batch options??

    I know that Affinity is quite limited when it comes to batch tasks with projects. However, is there a way for me to simultaneously export multiple "open" projects at once to their destination folder? I have 4-8 open at any given time as their own tabs and would love to be able to select them all in their finished state and export once. Thank you
  2. Thank you both for your replies. I did find a solution to this. Somehow permissions were changed when I had moved the parent folder to my external drive. Once I duplicated and put it back everything was ok. Now that I know it has something to do with my externals and how I backup I will play with it more on that side and see what is happening in my External drive settings.
  3. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to allow ACCESS to save a working file onto my Mac. This should be a mainstay feature of a software right?! I have allowed access on my drive for affinity's applications already through my system preferences. I can export files in different formats, but I want to save a working file in Affinity's native format so I can open and tweak it for different uses in the future...Pleas HELP!! I have attached a screenshot of the error I keep receiving. I am on the latest updated version of Mac OS Thank you