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  1. I just deleted almost all the changes in an image I was working on when I went to export (File > Export...) the image and made a typo in the "Save as..." text field. I hit Undo (Ctrl+Z) and nothing happened, so I hit it again a couple times before I noticed in the background that things were changing in my image. It seems that even if you have an active cursor in a pop-up dialog box the window behind is still active and can receive Undo commands. I haven't seen that happen before in any applications. Just to check, I tried a similar routine in several native Mac apps (e.g. TextEdit) and other applications old and new (e.g. Photoshop, Byword) and you can still undo in the active text field of a dialog box without affecting the document. This was in version 1.5.1
  2. After fiddling around in XNView MP a bit more, I found a setting that helps. In Preferences > General > General : you have to check the box for "show all graphic formats". It will then prompt you to restart XNView MP. After doing that, I get a small thumbnail, and it shows the 512 pixel preview. Oddly, the thumbnails never seem to change size while thumbs for other formats do as I move the thumbnail size slider -- I would think you would be able to enlarge them up to 512, but it seems like the only go up to the 192 pixel wide size in the main browser while the preview can show up to 512.
  3. I just downloaded XNView MP to test and it won't display afphoto thumbnails for me either. I am using "XnViewMP Version 0.83 x64 (Oct 3 2016)", which appears to be the most recent version on their website and afphoto files don't have thumbnails and don't appear in the About > Formats list in the application. It shows 186 "formats in reading" and 53 "formats in writing", but Affinity doesn't appear to be one of them. @rsi.studio: Are you perhaps using the Windows or Linux version? Maybe the Mac version hasn't been updated as quickly?
  4. Well, as one who just discovered Affinity Photo a few weeks ago (and the initiator of this thread), I had no idea Affinity was already working on a similar program. So, that is exciting news for me, and I didn't realize that everyone was aware and anxiously awaiting its release (or frustrated with the wait). I started using Affinity Photo as my version of the Adobe Suite was growing a bit long in the tooth and I just happened to see it featured in the Mac App Store. However, I wasn't even aware of the term "Digital Asset Manager" until I saw that here, though I was aware of programs like Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, iPhoto. Bridge has always filled a role beyond just working with photos for me. I use it to work with all sorts of files, not just for photography. Since I have files that sprawl a pretty labyrinthine folder structure, Bridge is great for working with favorite folders, sending and moving files to folders in a different way from Finder (right click and send/move to recent or favorite folders), sorting and labeling, previewing, and even batch processing/renaming things. I'm not sure if those are things expected of all D.A.M.s, and I have tried to do similar things with all sorts of programs: Finder, Transmit, Commander One, etc. Picasa came the closest, but Bridge was far more useful since it could work with many more file types beyond images. Having grown to rely on those features, I was just hoping for a simple way to get affinity thumbnails to show up until a better solution came along. I do hope that whatever Affinity produces plays well with others. For example, I do a lot of 3D modeling in Rhino -- I have grown to love that program so much because I can open just about any file format, as well as export to them as well. It would be great if the Affinity D.A.M. is extensible in such a way -- I think the more versatile it is (in terms of working with all sorts of file types), the wider audience it will appeal to and then draw them into the Affinity eco-system once they grow to love the program.
  5. I think even having the ability to see that 512 pixel thumbnail in Bridge would be helpful. I can see that other apps do make use of that 512 pixel thumbnail -- I just checked Panic's Transmit and that uses the 512 pixel thumbnail. The "Open.." dialog box in Photoshop even shows the Affinity thumbnails (so that just must the what the Mac uses). So that would be something Adobe would have to do in order for it to work in Bridge? There is probably no way they would ever do that -- especially for non-CC users like me (I'm still using Bridge CS5.1). I downloaded Bridge CC to check that, and it didn't seem to show the preview either. I can't seem to find or (even think up) a way to get Bridge to revert to a Quicklook thumbnail if it doesn't support the app--you can't add new file type associations for opening new things in preferences. They do seem to add support for new Raw formats as they come along. I wonder if it would just require creating some sort of plug-in? There is a plug-ins folder for Bridge, and it has plug-ins for things like PCX and JPEG2000 in mine. I'm not a developer and I'm not really sure if those are just for output, but maybe those could be tweaked in some way if they help work with other file formats.
  6. I think the ability to save the History of your work is a really amazing feature in Affinity Photo. As a newbie that was pretty excited about this feature, I have been turning it on for all of my work. However, after noticing some slow-downs and crashes, I have been trying to figure out how much of an impact history has on performance and file size. I'm curious how much space it takes up in a file. More importantly, I am curious what sort of impact saving history has on performance. I am running Affinity on a fairly old Macbook Pro, so any tweaks I can make to get things running more efficiently will help. So, I guess I am asking two things: 1: Does saving the history with your file have a big impact on performance while working? 2: How much does the history affect file size?
  7. I just started using Affinity Photo and noticed that files produced in Affinity (.afphoto) just show the Affinity icon when viewed in Adobe Bridge. I am able to see thumbs/previews in the Finder on my Mac, just not within Bridge. I am currently using Adobe Bridge CS5.1, so perhaps someone can let me know if this is possible in later versions of Bridge or if there is a way to add the ability to generate previews for Affinity files in Bridge.
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