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  1. when printing directly from Publisher - just text to an Epson laser printer - only the first page is printed even though "entire document" is selected in the print range dialogue (the pages area is left blank). Current page or any page numbers or page range specified print correctly. Does this mean one has to always specify the page numbers to be printed? There seems to be no "all pages" option in the dialogue box... Exporting to PDF and printing that does not have this issue. Is there a problem with the print driver?
  2. visibletime

    Printing "all pages" in Publisher

    Hi Thomaso, Thanks for your reply. I can scroll through all the pages in preview, everything appears to be as it should be in the print dialogue box but Publisher will only print the first page of a document unless I specify the page numbers or "current page". I can print the output (to PDF for example) of the same file without issue. In fact I can print without problem from all my other software so I do think it's a bug with Publisher. I noticed there are many posts about printing problems maybe it's something in Publisher's print routines?
  3. visibletime

    Wacom update issues.

    I also have this problem. As far as I can tell it requires a "mouse up" command to actually execute. Seems like a relatively simple fix in the coding to reverse that so slightly surprising it is apparently so hard to fix. After playing with AP for a while I think it's a good bit of software and certainly as my ageing CS6 version of PS begins to creak at the seams it will be my preferred option.

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