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  1. Good day! Im a videogame programmer that just started to learn draw and painting. Im really interested in character design (like overwatch characters) and maybe some logo artwork (I attached 2 examples I really like). I got Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo because I heard really good stuff for this 2 software. I really like them and feel kind of confortable with the these 2. My problem is, in the classes Im attending, the teacher uses Photoshop, and when I try to work like the rest I usually end searching internet why my work is not like theirs or if there is a tool similar to PS or if there is a feature missing. I know these software are young and probably Im having "user bad practice" but really want to know if these are enough to do like the examples or if I need to complete them with CLIP STUDIO PAINT or PHOTOSHOP, which I read are top for sketching and inking. Thanks for your time and sorry for my english u.u!
  2. Hi Lee, I always have pressure on when using the stylus. Im working with a Intuos Draw tablet and this brush settings (see attach). I used several settings (both in photo and design), but always the same: When trying to do a small line (small movement when sketching) only got a dot. Hope you can help! Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, Im just starting to learn concept art and its really fun! I decided to go with Affinity software because I read it is a promising new software and its available for mac, but im having some issues with some "stuff" Affinity software cant do and PS (the instructor use PS for classes) can. 1.- Sketching brush: When learning about character design, I was having lots of trouble to find a good brush (Im totally new to art) and the instructor had this really nice clean brush like doing anime characters. I read Clip Studio Paint, its top notch in this area, but don't know. 2.- Small brush strokes: When finally learn how to set my brushes ok (Thanks Paolo Limoncelli!), wanted to sketch some. But when trying to do small strokes, only could get "dots" instead of nice lines. Im attaching pics for explain. 3.- Sorry for my english! Im really interested in character design, but want to do the sketching in Affinity software. Thanks for your time!

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