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  1. Thank you, works better if there is choosen "no action" for the tone curve. Didn`t know that assistant adjustment.
  2. Hello, usually i work with Capture 1 for Sony to develop my raw files. Is there a list which cameras are supported in AP up to date? I can open all my Sony raw files in AP but compared to Capture 1 or Photoshop they came extremely bright.
  3. Thank you MEB, it is not about Euro 50.-, but Serif is advertising a unprecedended psd combatibility. By the way, it is a great app, but useless for professionals without this feature.
  4. Hello MEB, thanks for your reply. I have about 30000 psd files with paths. I know that i can convert a path to a shape layer in Photoshop, but therefore i have to go on with the Adobe Cloud as Photoshop is necessary. In my opinion this is a feature which prevents many Photoshop users switching to Affinity Photo.
  5. Kurze Frage, wenn ich in AP eine .psd Datei mit Pfad öffne, wie bekomme ich in AP den Pfad angezeigt und kann daraus z.B. eine Auswahl erstellen? Danke
  6. Thank you RC-R! But Reveal in Finder only shows my original psd file. I need to know how i can make a path of an already opened psd file in AP visible.
  7. Hello, first of all greetings to everybody. I am new to this forum, tried the Beta version of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and just purchased both apps. I work with Adobe Photoshop over 25 years. I searched the forum but cannot find an answer. When i open a psd file, where in Affinity Photo can i find my Photoshop path?
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