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  1. Hi Dan, you're right!! Same problem with current version of Affinity Designer (I have a registered version). Drivers are up to date. I often try new software demos, especially graphic tools and plugins, music software, VST plugins... What do you think, what kind of program could make the trouble? Something, that starts up with Windows10? Thanks very much! Joerg
  2. Hi Dan, the renderer is "Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000". I uninstalled using the microsoft tool, then reinstalled a fresh copy in a new directory. Nothing changed... Because noone else seems to have this problem, I think about picking up my computer, opening the window and... Joerg
  3. Hi Dan, I can't even create a new file Strange, that obviously nobody else does have this problem... Your questions: I used the current version .exe file for setup. All files are on my harddrive. Filetypes are mainly JPG, PNG, TIFF (RGB and CMYK) Thank you!! Joerg
  4. Hi Dan, sorry for the late feedback, I'm very busy at the moment... I resetted the software and then tried to open a jpg file from my harddrive. Now there was a message in the upper right corner "loading 1 document" (translated). A few seconds later, the app crashed and I was asked to send the dump. So I did... Then I tried to run it as administrator. Same... not even a message in the top right corner... Then I uninstalled the software, cleaned registry, restarted the computer and reinstalled the software. Still not able to load any file... Hope that helps... Best, Joerg
  5. Hi Dan C, thanks very much for your help! To shortly answer your questions: All 3 of these cases and there is no info about loading... When I try to close AffinityPhoto, a message appears, saying that one file is still in loading progress and closing the program is not possible until all files are fully loaded. Badly translated from German Joerg
  6. Hi, I'm working on Windows10 Pro and I simply cannot open any image file in Affinity Photo (current version, German). Nothing happens but the cooler gets louder sometimes. This happens since, I think, version 1.6x. All former versions worked well... very strange... any idea? Thank you!! Joerg
  7. That is exactly, why I still use PS more than Affinity Photo... great idea
  8. JoergB

    Cannot add to Selection

    oops, control key is already used...
  9. JoergB

    Cannot add to Selection

    ...thanks for your help! OK, this works, but my fingers do have problems with this action ;-) Wouldn't it be easier to do this by pressing the Control key? Just a suggestion... Joerg
  10. Hello, I can't add to a selection by dragging and holding right mouse button (Affinity Photo 1.5.3 / Win10) Joerg