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  1. Cheers! Thanks :-)
  2. Hi there - both :-) Thanks!
  3. Hi, Is the issue with black tiff files in preview on macs fixed in 1.5? Cheers Peter
  4. Hi, Is it possible to use Affinity Photo (1.5) as a plugin in Capture One? If it is, how is this done? Cheers Peter
  5. Hi all :-) I've got a question I hope is not to far off. My screen is calibrated to a white point of 5500. The result of that is that when my photos are shown on others screens they tend to be to cold or blue/greenish. Is there a way to fix this quickly in Affinity? Adjusting several photos at once? If I do have to adjust each photo adjusting the white balance (which is what I have to do?), does the scale compare to the difference between D-55 and D-65? I hope I have expressed myself somewhat clearly... Cheers Peter C-)
  6. Happ Friday all B-) Whats the blackpoint adjustment in develop persona equivalent in photo persona? Cheers Peter
  7. Hey! Thanks for that :-) I think I'll go for the first option yes. By the way, do you know if there is a backside to change it to RGB - I mean, will it degrade the picture quality in any way?
  8. Hi, In the develop persona there is a tool called overlay gradient tool. Does this tool not exist in photo persona? The reason I am asking is because some of my scans are in monochrome (no RGB), and the develop persona is not able to handle none RGB files. Which reminds me... is it possible to converse color profiles? Cheers Peter
  9. No, Mac. But its the trial version if that makes any difference?
  10. Hi all, Affinity does not detect my Epson V700 scanner. I'm new to Affinity and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced the same, or have any idea why Affinity doesn't detect my scanner? Cheers Peter