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  1. Maybe not in the USA, but in many other countries SMS verification is needed for payments. That is what my mobile number has to do with it. Regarding your other tips, thanks, I will keep that in mind for next time.
  2. Solved at last, not through apple and certainly not through affinity. I will now focus on the positive that working with Affinity will hopefully bring to me, but my first impression of it is absolutely wasted by this experience.
  3. That's how you enter a vicious circle. Did I mention that I cannot use the Appstore in Portugal? Also the Portuguese Appstore doesn't accept PayPal. So not possible to buy a giftcard for iTunes. So not a rhetorical question, I actually need someone who is willing to send me a EUR 49.99 gift card which I of course pay for using PayPal, so I can puirchase Affinity. Bizarre really that a software company lets its potential clients jump through so many hoops.
  4. Unfortunately gift cards will not work for me. I'm on the Azores and there is no Apple shop here. I think there isn't even an Apple store in mainland Portugal, but even if there is, I cannot just fly 3.5hrs to the mainland and back to buy a gift card. Unless of course I send you money with PayPal to buy me a gift card, that you then send to me so I can buy Affinity :)
  5. Hi, although I have understood that you sell exclusively through the appstore, I hope that you can help me out here. I recently moved from China to Portugal. In China I still have a working credit card and an Appstore account, but (obviously) not a working Chinese mobile number anymore. In Portugal I have a debet card (not a credit card) and although it has a Visa logo it cannot be used in the Appstore. I really cannot care less if you need me to pay any costs associated with the purchase of your software through other channels than the appstore, I just hope that you can offer a little bit more flexibility towards people that really want to use your software but don't have access to the appstore. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Piet
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