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  1. Hello, is my question unclear or difficult to answer? Or isn't this forum actually ment for supporting users, but rather for promoting your product. What a disappointment!
  2. Hi and thanks! I kind of figured out that the jumping objects somehow relates to the constraints feature (which am aware of), but can you please help me figure out how to prevent objects from jumping out of the layout when I group them? Thanks
  3. Hi, I encountered similar behaviour - when I group some layers the group disappears from the viewport. I did find it though way outside of the art board. When I moved it back to place and ungrouped, the released layers jumped away again, this time in the opposite direction. Seems to me, that the layers keep some kind of coordinates, that become relative to the group container when you group them. Also I realised, that the groups with this behaviour are automatically named "Constraints group" in the layer panel, not just "Group" as usual. I didnt find anything about Constraints groups in the help topics. Is this a standard feature?
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