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  1. Oh, I didn't know there was an other version than the App Store one: so yes, App Store version :) And I'm running Yosemite!
  2. Hi Affinity users, and Affinity team! First and foremost, Huge applause to the affinity designer team: It's a fantastic software, extremely well optimized (still running a late 2008 mbp, and it works flawlessly, I'm pretty amazed). I noticed a slightly bothering bug and you might be able to reproduce it easily to figure out what I'm talking about. The header UI disappears when a file is loaded after the user has set the full screen mode: colour, swatches, stroke and the like are not visible (though clickable) and more importantly all the quick features for the tools aren't accessible (mode, convert, action). How to reproduce the bug? Launch Affinity Designer, switch to full screen mode, then load a file (in my case an A4 type file). How I managed to bypass the bug? Just load the file and then switch to full screen mode. I attached a screenshot in case I wasn't clear enough :) Best, Bambi
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