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  1. Dave2017 really appreciate for what u have tried. I have to try it only when I am ready to upgrade my iMac if 2009. I really hope what you did can give AP a clue how to fix the issue. : )
  2. I though my iMac was too old for AF PHOTOs. Then I see tryon iPad version and feel exicted cause I got the new iPad Pro. I bought the apps staight away and try...... another dollars gone Yes Dave. I am giving up I don’t even have reply from my last post. What a pity it got good reviews for the apps. It seem like don’t have enough support for the minority still using the older camera. I still love my xe2
  3. Hi I purchase an ipad pro and excited to download and use Affinity photo. Upload a few images to google drive and try to open on ipad. The file appeared dimmed and not able to opened. I have some read and said for xt2 raw file it is ok to open uncompressed RAW but not compressed. For XE-2 I cannot locate a setting from menu that related to that. Anyone have any idea about XE-2? Seem like it didn't have the option is that mean that XE-2 file are not compressed. So why it cannot be opened? Very disappointed at this stage. Hope someone can give a hand. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi Meb, Feeling so excited to see the update of Affinity Photo 1.5 update today. Put aside everything and update and try to open a Fuji RAF file by my XE-2. Disappointed again that it didn't opened and the apps quit with error message as before. I tried downloaded the RAF from the web as edwardsson suggested. Still not opened with the same result. May I know if my iOS is too old - Mountain Lion ? Please help.
  5. Thanks Comrad. May I know where to find the beta version so I can try out?
  6. Hi Affinity, I know you guys are working on that and I am sure this message won't help to accelerate this process. I am sure many of Fuji people out there want to use Affinity but probably went away because of the issue. It is already end of the year. Really, should I wait or shift ? Of course is my choice. Just sorry for spending my time watch a lot of tutorial and found out it is not working....... BTW Merry X'mas and Happy new year.
  7. Thanks Meb Hope your team will fix the issue soon. I actually just start using Affinity but quite disappointed of not able to use that. I am a amateur and would like to give a try at photo editing. I picked Affinity but not the "other" popular one. Good luck for you and myself
  8. Hi Meb Thanks for help. Just able to try the way you suggested, still not working for me :( First of all my camera is up to date to version 4.0. Not sure if you meaning the issue is just logged not solved ? Please clarify Anyhow I did the steps to View ▸ Assistant Manager... and change the RAW Engine (first dropdown) to Apple (Core Image RAW). Tried to open a RAF file. Instead of quiting the apps as before, I got a "black" blank image. The apps quit once I click on it. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks
  9. Hi. Need help. Cannot open RAW file of photos taken by Fujifilm XE2. Hardware I am using iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz OSX 10.8.5 Affinity 1.4.2 Latest installed. Every time used the app to open a RAW file, Error window will come up with details said sending to Affinity. Any clue. Thanks
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