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  1. Not the way I had intended, but that works... Thanks so much.. Is there a way of doing it using the old Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V?? As in PS.??
  2. I know this is basic stuff but I'm just learning so please bear with me.... I have created a panorama and it is uneven around the edges. I want to copy a selection of sky and paste it to fill in a blank. Should be simple... but it's not In PS you copy (Ctrl+C) and then paste (Ctrl+V)... do this as many times as you like to fill in the gaps then smooth it all out. Strange way to do things but.... Except it doesn't work this way in Affinity.. Can someone please tell me how to achieve this in Affinity Photo
  3. Apologies in advance as I'm sure this will have been covered before.. I'm just getting to grips with Affinity Photo but have a couple of issues which I'm sure are me not ticking a box somewhere rather than a program issue. When I do Perspective Correction, I can drag the corner points of the grid to corners of the item I need to "correct" but when I apply, not only does it correct the item, but crops it as well. I don't want it to crop, just correct...where am I going wrong. Secondly, is there a "Quick Fix" setting for doing a quick overall adjustment to photos rather than going through all the individual settings as there is on one or two of the other available photo editing programs..mentioning no names of course.. any help will be much appreciated..
  4. I have a photo of a sign which needs perspective correction. I can pull the points away from the image to correct the image but this means going back and forward several times to get it right. If I change the Origin to Source I can put the corner points on the corners of the image but when I click enter the image corrects but also crops. Is there a way of using Source and not having the image crop.??
  5. I know this has probably been asked and answered but I can't seem to get this to work. I'm using the Perspective Tool and want to disable the "Auto Clip" box, but it is greyed out. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to switch it off (uncheck the box)...
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