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  1. Illustrator have this feature when you have two open vectors you can make them one by joining their nodes.
  2. Someone know if there is a shot way or shortcut to collapse all artboards and groups inside?
  3. Hi i was looking for improvements you could make from competition and i saw in Adobe XD that when you copy an element with ALT + Drag you can see the guides of distance from other element and is an entire number the position it takes no decimals. Just a recomendation i hope you consider.
  4. Hi from XD i suggest the artboard rename directly on double click, here an example.
  5. Hi well i upload the gif when you copy element with ALT+drag and then copy with CRTL+J the copy doesn´t take the last element distance is a weird function it takes.
  6. Hi, i don´t know if there is a form but when i copy by pressing ALT and dragging element AD don't show the distance from one element to another, so i must just move it, and the click again and move to see the distance between elements and i think it should be automatic. By the other hand when you use restrictions in a group and you copy and element inside this group and paste it in other place, i think restriction for that element should reset unless you copy and paste all the group. Just a recommendation.
  7. I don't know if there is a way that when i click an elements, automatically find it in the layers window, because if i have a lot of layers i must to search for it if I want to move it. If there is no way to do this in this version i think it should be added, very important.
  8. Wow thanks I don't know why this is not by default but great.
  9. Excuse me i don't know if it can be done in the windows version so i can't copy a gradient from an element to another, and i think the dropper tool is a bit hard to find and as said can't get the gradients. Pls give me a feedback.