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  1. Hi I'm completely new to Affinity, and downloaded the Beta hoping that Affinity Designer for Windows might be able to replace my ageing copy of Illustrator. Plus points: Ease of use, and I loved the concept of the same software having two "identities". But here's what I would need to know/see as a consumer to feel confident about using this instead of illustrator: 1) Unless I missed it, it looked like this software has no autotracing function. (I trace my own artwork to turn into design motifs). 2) Can I be confident that everything designed in the programs's raster identity transfers seamlessly into any saved vector files? 3) I would be very, very good to have some kind of "tiling" function. Other than that, I should say I did love this software, and would love to use it more than Illustrator (which I actually don't much enjoy using) if the above could be included. Hope this makes sense and gets to whoever needs it as feedback-apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place. Many thanks for the chance to be part of the beta. Clare

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