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  1. I miss the alt-select from TextEdit, Pages, Scrivener and Nisus Writer (or most other text apps on the Mac to my knowledge). I do get a lot of word-files for layout, and bullet-points and such does not quite translate as I'd wish for (new bullets to the left of the existing bullets, and so on) and to be able to select all bullets downwards by holding the alt-key is such a huge time saver. For those who are unfamiliar with this, you make a rectangle selection by holding the alt-key down and click-and-drag. Everything within this rectangle is selected. Yes, I know I could do this in Pages or Nisus, copy and paste, but it is slower to find those portions later on than just pasting with bullets and numbers and then apply proper paragraph-style and removing the old bullets from the text.
  2. pskh

    Basic CAD tools

    +1 for this request. I use Affinity to design armature for stop motion puppets, and at the moment this is the one thing I really miss.

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