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  1. Currently I do not have active shortcuts placed via 26 buttons on my graphic tablet and I disabled only Move Tool shortcut in the application itself. So other (AD) shortcuts I left intact.
  2. I do not have active shortcuts and it does not happen in AP, PSP and others..
  3. I have some low cost model from a supermarket. I think it is rebranded Aiptek.. However, it works well in all applications except AD where it was working fine as well until recently.
  4. In AD, when I use vector brush with my graphic tablet and stylus, I am being switched to move tool randomly after some time.
  5. Crossing/overlapping objects when divided appear with thin lines on crossing edges. Unlike another tools (like Illustrator), AD preserves ugly unwanted thin lines (reminding antialiasing) on output, not only in PDF but also in JPEG. STEPS: 1. create two overlapping/crossing objects (e.g. squares in my first example) 2. select them and click "Divide" (I need to divide them for later recoloring.) 3. notice thin (white) lines appearing on the edges of crossing/overlapping objects 4. export to JPEG 5. thin lines are still there - see attached image file (Or use vector brush, e
  6. It works somehow but very limited, not adjustable at all. BTW I don't use a pencil tool..
  7. I use Adobe CC.. (sometimes AI also ignores profile/thickness first like Designer, but finally I always manage it somehow..) My whole idea was about using vector brush (NOT raster one) with ignoring pressure (yes, I preffer that) and rather using predefined stroke profile or custom vector brush with typical (narrow cat eye/pupil) shape. But I do not even know how to create such vector brush (2nd solution) when the (1st) solution with stroke profile does not work. I use cheap tablet and I get best results in Illustrator using custom vector brush or custom stroke profile with possibility
  8. Not sure if I understand you.. In Illustrator I can use it in real time/immediately (as I use a stylus), but in Designer I can only make a default curve first and AFTER I have to apply (change) stroke to custom one. See my attached file with AI example where I created my own stroke profile AND my own brush, they both work with paintbrush tool, se my attached picture. Also in Designer there is no way to drag my custom stroke (a curve with ctustom stroke) to Brushes palette to create a custom brush with that profile.
  9. I would like to have an ability to use stroke-pressure profile for (vector) brush as well, not only when I use pen tool (with mouse). This feature is in Illustrator and I am missing it in Designer. EDIT: I mean to have applied custom stroke profile immediately as I draw (using vector brush) with stylus on gr. tablet. OR if not possible then to have chance to create my own custom vector brush with typical narrow cat eye/pupil shape as workaround. And in both situation have chance to change stroke aftewards (which probably works well now).
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