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  1. have the same issue. Every time I export as PDF it changes the colours in my document.
  2. I would love to see RTL supports for Arabic, the software is so amazing, it sucks that this is lacking. Especially considering that it was being developed 2 years ago. Thank you.
  3. Hello all, I found the error on my page.....I had a layer off of the artboard I believe that was the cause of the issue. That being said, I was only able to export the document as PDF (FLATTEN) not any other type of PDF(web, print, etc.) I wanted to thank you all for your help.
  4. I feel very stupid, perhaps its that lack of sleep as of late.........however, I can't seem to attach the file..... there is no option to attach (neither on the forum or in a PM).
  5. I agree @Fixx . Its strange because I have exported similar documents.
  6. I've tried several different file paths......it always fails.
  7. Hello, I can't export a file as PDF, I get a dialog box with this : "An error occurred while exporting to: <file path>" It allows me to export some files but not others.....they are nearly identical. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I am having the exact same issue. It allows me to export some files but not others....they are almost identical. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,
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