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  1. Hi, I'm facing an issue with Affinity Designer and Photo. Both of them showing a slightly blue hue to the images. Can someone help?. Just noticed today, never faced anything as such before. Thanks in advance, Krishnakumar
  2. Leave it guys, Nothing is working for me. I would like to close this thread here. Thank you all for your support
  3. Seems someone else also has the same issue here; Regards, Krishna
  4. Hi @R C-R@gabrielM, Whatever we modified it is giving the same issue. Maybe an update may work. Waiting for the update. Till then switching back to illustrator and photoshop. Regards, Krishna
  5. Can you please share a screenshot for your Mac profile and Affinity profile, So that I can keep both same. Thanks in advance. Krishna
  6. Hi Gabriel, I have uploaded a video of the process to the dropbox link which you shared earlier. Please check it. Regards, Krishnakumar
  7. It is not a raw file. It is a screenshot. Even though I have uploaded that to drive.
  8. I am discussing a colour shift issue on a jpeg/png file. I have even updated the OS and reinstalled the software. Sadly, nothing is working. Also, First time in my career of 15 years facing an issue of this kind. I'm kind of helpless here. Let me know you have some workaround to fix this. Or else, we can close this thread here KK
  9. Sharing the difference in affinity softwares. Also attaching the images in the dropbox to check.
  10. Even after changing the profile to sRBG. Things are not getting as expected. Sharing 2 screenshots. One from Affinity and one from Sketch. But Sketch is rending it correctly. Thanks, KK
  11. Sharing my system colour profile. I think it is fine. But only affinity software having trouble. KK
  12. Hi, Thanks for quick reply. It is a screenshot for testing. Regards, KK
  13. Can some please explain how to change 'Pt' in to 'Px' in same document? Kindly refer the attachment.