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  1. Hi guys, may I ask what is the eventual solution in this case? :) We often work on stock, unprofiled vector files with eventual export to Adobe1998 RGB TIFF for digital print. Having AD force assign CMYK to all unprofiled vector files (be it EPS/AI/PDF..) on file open results in colors changing to a very pale/washed out palette. It's the only issue forcing me to stick to AI while I'd switch to AD instantly if I could. Other than that, you've done a marvellous job guys! :) Seriously. I've worked with most of DTP/Photo editing software on the market for the past two decades now, and the moment I've stumbled upon AP/AD was instant love. The usability and features is by far top league in their category. Big thanks to all the Affinity team for such an amazing suite and a great support on the forums. Thanks Jan