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  1. MarkAins

    Publisher Crashes on paste URGENT!

    I'm not sure how I created this same problem, probably pasting without having a box selected. Wasted an evening's work, but never mind it is a beta after all. However, without doing some real work with it I'm not going to test it in the way I will use it. I had been saving my file regularly during the evening. When I restarted publisher after the crash it informed me that I had a recovery file, would I like to load this. I said yes and it promptly reloaded the empty file that I had started with at the start of the evening! I exited without saving anything and tried loading my file that I had been working on. The timestamp said that it had last been edited at around the same time as the crash, but it was the empty file that I had started with. That was more frustrating than the initial crash. This may be another bug.
  2. I've been using the nik plugins (sharpeners and color Efex) successfully for many months. I've just decided to have a go at using viveza but have had to give up. When a file is loaded into the plugin all the colours are wrong. I've read about a problem in the windows forum and have tried the suggestions in there to no avail. The colours displayed in the loupe window appear to be correct though. Just thought I'd better flag up that there is a problem with the Mac version as well as the Windows one. A great shame as would be great to be able to use the plugin.
  3. MarkAins

    Nik plugins not found on OSX Sierra

    Hi, I've managed to sort the problem. For some reason, the Nik installer was only installing the standalone programs, rather than the plugins. I didn't consider this before as I just ran the installer as per the last time I used it. I've managed to get it to install the plugins as well and now and everything is OK. This isn't a bug.
  4. I have two systems running photo 1.5.1, both with nik plugins. The setups are identical apart from one is running on osx 10.9.5 and everything works fine. The second is running on OSX sierra and the plugins can't be found. The list of found plugins in the preferences panel is empty. I've checked all the settings again and again and there aren't any differences. So there must be something different about the OS that the software isn't taking into account. Do you have any ideas?