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  1. Hi! I've found this issue also applies to batch processing. When batching out to TIFF, Exif is removed. However, a single image export (File > Export… )will keep the Exif.
  2. I found a way for this work... You can use the extension, External Editors, to transfer an image from Photos and into Affinity. Make changes and return to Photos. The updated image is seen in the External Editors extension. Just Save Changes and all is well. This, of course, is assuming you're transferring out of Photos and into Affinity. So, my question still stands for when an image does not originate in Photos.
  3. Hi, there! I'm curious to know if there is a way to customize how Affinity Photo shares to Apple Photos. Under the option, Share, in the File menu, you can choose to Add to Photos. The default will export the edited version of the image as JPEG with all metadata stripped. I would like to export as PNG with metadata included, without the added step of exporting out of Affinity and then importing into Photos.