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  1. An excellent app add-on to the Affinity graphic suite would be a web or app designer code savvy tool like Macaw, Adobe Muse or like the on-line apps webflow and silex. But with more options to edit the code than the apps that I mention. Macaw is a great tool, unfortunately the team behind the Macaw joined InVision and the app was discontinued with a lot of features that could be improved.
  2. Greetings I'me here to request a function that has already been asked by other users but you keep ignoring it despite it being a very simple function. BTW illustrator doesn't have it either, but there is a strange way to do it on illustrator. The function is the break apart combine text. It is difficult to explain, and I've seen a post of a user requesting the same function and you didn't understood what he was requesting. I send you an image for you to understand better. I use this function a lot, because I write the artistic text with using paragraphs, then I break it to resize or format each line, if I click Break again it will separate the words that are grouped in a single line on different objects. It is useful specially to do things like the design example image that I attached. NOTE: the break command maintain the fonts, it doesn't convert text to curves, that's the advantage. Best regards
  3. brunovinhas

    Text to path

    Greetings I need to do something like in the uploaded image and couldn't find any easy way to do it. Is there any way?
  4. brunovinhas

    Text to path

    Many thanks. That is simply great.
  5. brunovinhas

    Break / combine text

    Yes bleduc, we can edit the text. And that is what takes this feature so useful. We can change fonts, modify the space between letters, etc. I only know front-end languages, but I think it is very easy to the programmers to add this very handfull feature.
  6. brunovinhas

    Break / combine text

    I'm really surprised that you identified Corel Draw despite it being in portuguese. Well, my problem isn't converting text to curves. And I think either you have the move tool or text tool selected you are able to convert text to curves on affinity designer. I just hope you keep Affinity Designer the most simple as possible, that is Affinity great advantage to Illustrator and Corel Draw. To be lightweight and with only the most needed tools. And for me this break and combine command is one that I use often. Illustrator is full of effects that a designer rarely uses and that makes the software heavy. The one I most use is the 3D effect. But even this one is dispensable. If a designer wants 3D it is better to use a proper 3D software. Keep it lean Best regards.
  7. I 'm a Windows user and in my opinion you should launch a crowdfounding to support the project, I think that Serif would have very designers supporting if the amount requested was something that most people could afford.
  8. brunovinhas

    Combining artistic text

    Well, there wasn't the case of a third party pdf or other file, I hadn´t tested with that. In my case it was just a webdesign mockup that I was creating and I just missed that option, but it isn't so important to me like other tools that I requested in this forum and that forunately will be avaiable in future versions. Keep it with the great job, Affinity designer seems to be on the right path to become one of the great graphic design suites
  9. Greetings I find that combining separated pieces of artistic text in paragraphs can be very useful and I couldn't found a command that make this. If I press the normal combine, the text is converted to curves.
  10. I couldn't convert na outline to na object. I search in the help (btw, it is very well made - congratulations) but it doesn't mention this. I found that this is very useful, and in this moment I'm in need of converting outlines to objects because I need to color an illustration made by another artist Let me take this post to report that Affinity Designer is running much better than illustrator, it is really fast and difficult to crash and supports very well other file formats - gongrats for this. And I just miss another tool - the find and replace tool See an example on this vídeos: https://youtu.be/Z6WixrkwYQ0 In case you are signed to Lynda.com this vídeo is more explicit: https://www.lynda.com/CorelDRAW-tutorials/Finding-replacing-text-objects/617/37125-4.html
  11. How do I give the command to align to a certain object? In Illustrator I press "alt" and select the target object to align to In Corel Draw the last object select is the object that all the others will be aligned (I found easy this way) In Affinity Designer i couldn't find any command that allow me to specify to wich object I want to align the other objects that aren't aligned
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    Traveling Man in part I agree with you. If you check this list you will notice that most of the projects launched are comercial products https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_funded_crowdfunding_projects I've just suggested crowdfunding because I know that is difficult to obtain credit from the bank credit lines. And a Project big as this needs lots of resources, both human and technological that are expensive. Crowdfunding is just a way more easy to raise funds than the bank credit lines or the shares selling on the stock market. And I think that crowdfunding is for people who believe in their product, people only give Money to something that can be a surplus value to their lives. And crowdfunders have to have arguments to make people pledge on their project
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    Well, I'm a Windows user and for us Affinity Designer is still beta and free, that's the reason I posted this on Windows forum. What concerns to supporting the Project it would have an option that to a certain ammount the première comercial release would be free for those supporting with that amount of Money. Like in a "normal" crowdfounding Project supports would receive products according to the amount of money that they would be abble to give. If we go to the list of most successful crowdfunding enterprises few are charity most of them are commercial products like videogames and software.
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    Greetings I've no doubt that Serif is great, but the Affinity suite in my opinion is a startup for Serif, it's a new product that needs resources to beat the giants Adobe and Corel. And for that Affinity needs to deliver a product at a great price with solutions that are a surplus to the professional design, photo, online publishing and print market.
  15. brunovinhas

    Pencil tool

    I was doing some drwaing with the pencil tool and I've missed a shortcut to draw straight lines. Like pressing shift (i.e.) enables to draw a vertical or horizontal line and pressing alt(i.e.) would draw straight limes at a angle of 5º or 10º steps.
  16. brunovinhas

    Pencil tool

    I'm always awed by the narrow-minded replys that I keep getting with my ideas But fortunately I'm not the only one finding that this idea can be very handy. Other solution would be adding a polyline tool like the one Corel Draw has. But working simply as Petar_MK described would be enough. Thanks
  17. brunovinhas

    Blend tool

    I couldn´t find a blending tool and I missed it. It is something that escape me or it really doesn't exist. How can I do this with the existing tools? In my opinion a very importante tool to be add to the Affinity designer
  18. brunovinhas

    Rotate relativily to a point

    Thanks, now I've found it. All we have to do is to activate "Show Rotation Centre", after all is simple.
  19. The rotation tool really lacks of options. Especially the rotate relativily to a point. See Corel Draw transformation tools as an good example to follow
  20. brunovinhas

    Imposition tool

    Great, I just didn´t knew that there was an Affinity Publisher to be released. That really completes the pack . Thanks
  21. A simple imposition tool is always useful for the designers wanting to print little leaflets or small books. See imposition software like imposition studio, absolutely imposing, Montax, impose online, etc.
  22. My suggestion is to introduce a tool that can copy the fill of another object. This is very handy when we are working with gradients and we want to copy the exact gradient attributes from another object.
  23. brunovinhas

    Shaping Tools

    I don't like very much the shaping tools in Affinity designer. I know that you copy the mechanics from illustrator, In my opinion you should take Corel Draw as reference for the shaping tools. Instead of add, subtract, intersect, divide and combine you should have - trim, weld and intersect each one with leave original and/or target object.