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  1. Having independent blend modes for stroke and fill would be really handy. For example, I recently discovered the Erase blendmode, which is a godsend for not needing to manually expand and boolean things. Something I like doing is to give stuff padding by expanding the shape, "bulging it" in all directions, and then cutting that out of what's beneath, giving a sort of cell shaded look, but as if the outline is the background color. Being able to have the Stroke have an Erase blendmode would make this extremely handy and powerful, and I can imagine using strokes in "add" or "screen" blendmode for a sort of glowing outline.
  2. Not really, you'd still have to go to each object and change it's color individually, unless it happened to be a symbol. Unless I misunderstand?
  3. Procedural workflow has and is growing and becoming a large driving force in content creation. Something I always knew would be make things very quick to iterate or change, and also keep things consistent and simple, would be referenced colors. So maybe your documents has a palette with named slots, and when you go to select a fill/stroke color, you can optionally select one of these named slots. Other fills or strokes can reference this same slot. Then if you decide you want to change colors later, you simple adjust this palette and every object using those slots gets updated. To extend this concept, it could almost be like symbols but for object appearance where you can have synchronized styles, that way all the parameters are shared, like stroke width, profile, etc.
  4. After exporting to a PNG and trying to load the file in another program, I get this error. Happens on every PNG export. I am not exporting to a synced storage area.
  5. Also, this bug is really getting in the way of my workflow. Is there a link to an older download that I can use until this is fixed?
  6. Sometimes when dragging a symbol out from the symbols panel, it will duplicate the dragged symbol inside a seemingly random layer (or another symbol!) upon each frame of the drag, resulting in quickly duplicating instances of the symbol in unintended location. Happens fairly frequently.
  7. Okay tried again saving to the desktop, worked perfectly. It must have been because I was saving directly to my Google Drive like you said MEB. Is this something that can be fixed by the development team or is that Google's/Window's problem with how they handle the synchronizing folders?
  8. When exporting a PNG about 3000x3000 or higher, at the end of the export it fails giving an error about not embedding metadata. The resulting file is not saved sometimes, and if it is, it is unusable.
  9. Glad I can help! A very hasty response on your end too! :)
  10. When the Levels adjustment's Gamma parameter is set to maximum (2), extremely incorrect and undesirable results occur. Refer to attached images.
  11. Upon clicking the paragraph alignment tool dropdown (normal left/center/right buttons work fine), displays dropdown for one frame and then crashes. Reproducible.
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