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  1. Exactly just by using Core Text you can take advantage of OSX font shaping technology for RTL fonts.
  2. I mentioned this because of OpenType features. It should trigger language specific glyph substitutions. I guess at the same time it affects other things like spelling and hyphenation but that's just the text engine.
  3. Hi, Just wanted to stay if you implement a more sophisticated text engine to support Arabic I would purchase the Affinity Designer. You can take a look into harfbuzz, it's open source and is used as text shaping engine in firefox. Some other features which is necessary for typography: 1. Ability to insert a glyph from a font. The glyph could have a unicode or not. 2. More languages in the character>language panel. 3. Ability to disable and enable more sophisticated typographic feature like contextual alternates. If you need any feedback and help regarding typography features in the app I would be glad to contribute. Best, Bahman

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