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  1. Version 1.7 seems to have these nasty styles menu options. Version 1.6 is fine. Any ideas? Using a PC. Thank you!
  2. Hi @Callum, @walt.farrell, and @v_kyr! Thanks so much for your time and sorry for the delayed response. Callum, the affinity designer file is attached. V_kyr I'm exporting using File > Export, not export persona and am exporting as PDF then importing PDF to Illustrator, or EPS then import to After Effects. Walt, Affinity Designer and DPI is set to 400. I wonder if this might actually be the culprit as my doc dimensions are set to pixels. Thanks again! Michael brightwheel school scene.afdesign
  3. Hi I'm trying to export my 4k document (3840x2160) to a PDF and then convert it to Illustrator and After Effects. However when I export it the output is resized to 1080 for some reason. If I export it to PNG it exports fime to the proper dimensions. Can you please help me? I've tried using max res settings as well as not rasterizing anything. I can resize the vectors accordingly so it's ok, its just an extra step that I'd like to avoid. Best, Michael
  4. That's what I was looking for! I feel dumb, pretty obvious :) thanks!
  5. Hi, I've updated to the latest version and the Personas/Arrange/Geometry Buttons seem to be missing from the top interface. I looked in the menus to attempt to bring them back. Have they been removed? Right click functions for these same operations aren't working the same. Please let me know if this is normal or if I need to reinstall, or if I'm missing something obvious thanks! Michael
  6. Thanks for answering guys, that's helpful information. Would you say that this is a popular feature request compared to others? This is currently the only functionality that I've had to look elsewhere for. You guys are doing an awesome job filling out A.D. with intuitive and powerful tools.
  7. Hi there! I have been tracking any updates on the tracing image feature for sometime. You must be tired or hearing about it :) Is there a guess at any release date/which Affinity Designer update this will be released in? Thanks! Michael

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