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  1. So I post d a few weeks ago about the difference between Photo and Designer and ended up grabbing designer as well. Thanks for all the help. So here's my new question. Is their a way to add more Shape Tools? (i.e. tear tool, star tool)
  2. Lol. My fault, I didn't explain myself very well. However I appreciate the kind replies. :) I know theirs a bunch of tools for shapes. But can I add to them? For example, a Lego man tool. Possible? No? Yes?
  3. Thanks for the insight guys. Really appreciate it. Anymore comments are welcome. Thanks for the quick reply a too. So then, I really should have grabbed Affinity Designer?
  4. Id like to say Im a long time lurker first time poster, but I'm really just a first time poster. Please, let me explain myself before I ask my question. I have recently (past year or so) taken up some web design and development. Really just for friends. They have loved my work so far. Sadly, the program I used in the past is starting to show its limitations and I snagged the Affinity Photo App for th 20% discount And its proven very nice. So here is my question. Whats the difference between Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer? Please use baby comparisons. Ive never used Photoshop and really don't know too much about this stuff. Learning as I go. --Thanks.
  5. Matt Kenyon

    Cupcake Illustration

    I wish I had Half your talent. ;) Nice job, Looks good. And im a Cup Cake guy too...

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