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  1. reglico: Thank you for responding. Well, there actually was some response to my clicking, it just couldn't be seen, as it was minimized to a tiny strip and half hidden at the very bottom of the screen, which I finally noticed this morning. It was then out of my focused peripheral vision when I was looking at the center of the screen.I just clicked on the tiny full screen icon, and there it all was. All is good now. ;--)
  2. I just bought AD for Windows, so I'm looking for help frequently. However, F1 does nothing that I can see, nor clicking on Help in the submenu. Where is Help hiding?
  3. I automatically get this info line above the photo when loading it: 524x381px, 0.20mp, RGBA/8 - Nikon sRGB NIKON D5300 (AD-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED) Simultaneously, this is displayed in the right column: Adjustment EXIF............ Summary Camera NIKON D5300 Maker...... Lens................... Date Shot............. Size........................ Should I be seeing more Exif data?
  4. RE "Another thing": Please proofread your sentence and correct it so that it communicates something that can be responded to. It's missing a verb!
  5. Some months ago, when it was first offered, I downloaded an Affinity Designer Beta to my PC running Windows 10, and it appeared to be working fine for the most part. When I have gone to the Forum with issues. the answers have always been with Mac keyboard instructions. Most of the time I was able to translate them to my PC keyboard with success. Now I've been offered a "real" Windows Beta, and I'm wondering how to proceed, or if I really need this version. What sayseth thou, Guru?
  6. A-HAH! THAT is the solution to the disabled crop tool! UNLOCK the image. I feel that should have been the first suggestion to try, but at least we are now enlightened. Thank you!
  7. I do not question what you have said, but I don't see that as a response to my problem. Therefore I will state it more directly: How in heck do I get the crop tool to work in the Beta of Affinity Designer? (If indeed it works at all.) It is the only Affinity program I have.
  8. The cropping tool does not work. Clicking on the icon merely changes the cursor. I can shift the photo on the background, but that's all. I watched the cropping tutorial 3 times. The only thing I learned was that the demo had a different layout of tools on the toolbar than I had, and there was no context toolbar displayed when the crop icon was selected. It was nothing but a black band. The tutorial demo showed a default of the thirds grid as soon as the crop tool was selected. That did not happen for me.
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