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  1. Hi Guys, The only feature we are really missing from the old days using Photoshop is the batch actions feature. The ability to run changes on multiple files at once in a batch. Appreciate it isn't a simple feature to add in. Apart from this Affinity Photo is far superior to Photoshop in speed, features and usability. It has sped our teams up significantly already. I can't express enough how appreciative we are at the awesome job Affinity have done releasing this program, it's exceptional. Cheers Ben
  2. Hi Guys, We are looking to replace Photoshop across the board at all our offices with Affinity Photo. We are having trouble doing volume purchasing for our staff in India via Apples volume purchase program. Is there any way for us to buy licenses directly from Affinity, or anywhere else other than the App Store. If we volume buy licenses in the Australian or US app store will they be legally O.K. for use in india, or should be buy licenses some other way for these staff. Cheers Ben
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