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  1. 13 hours ago, walt.farrell said:

    Beyond that, if you open a command prompt window, and "cd" to the directory that contains the installation .exe file, you can generate a log of the install process which will show what went wrong. That might give you a hint of how to fix it, but if not it might help Serif. To get the log you would issue the following command (modifying the file name appropriately):

        affinity-publisher-public-beta.exe /log

    The log file will be in the AffinitySetup directory in your Windows Temp folder.

    Walt -

    After I try to run the newest Beta file and get the "Setup Failed" message I tried to access this, and it does NOT exist on my box.  This happens on both my Win10-64 Pro desktop box as well as Win10-64 Pro laptop box.

    As long as I uninstall first, reboot and install the most current beta (or try to update, then immediately reboot and install the latest beta) I don't run into any issues.  If I attempt to just upgrade/update it my boxes will ALWAYS fail.


  2. Purchased the Windows version, but the e-mail I received announcing it said:

    Plus! Extra bonus offer bonus-pack2.png

    As if the discounted price wasn’t enough we are also giving away a pack of Macros designed specifically for use with Affinity Photo. Everyone ordering in the first two weeks get this fantastic pack for free – you’ll receive a download link for them in your order confirmation!


    Didn't receive any download link with the purchase confirmation ... did I miss something?