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  1. But for what reason is it recolouring at all and not just picking colours? Why is there two different functionalities? And why can't I pick colours from image documents only raster used documents? I don't see any logic to it, why it does it or why it's recolouring in that way.
  2. I've been doing UI work using Affinity Photo to work out colours for visual elements. I've found that if I use the colour picker on a document created using 'New from Clipboard' when I use the colour picker it recolours the image. If I rasterize the image first then it just picks the colours. Why is Affinity Photo recolouring the image for Images? It all seems a bit weird and not what I would normally expect, as most app colour pickers just pick colours not recolour the image. Bit confused. Thanks in advance.
  3. If I create a new image using 'File > New from Clipboard' is there a way to rasterize the layer by default rather than having to right the layer and select Rasterize? Or any image actually. I quite often do UI work where I take a snapshot of the current UI and create proof of concepts from it. Although it's a small thing it would make my life a lot easier as it keeps catching me out.
  4. I wanted to use a Font Awesome font in a prototype and after not being able to find the file exported glyph from the FontAwesome SVG. Illustrator, IE 11 and Chrome all seem to render the icon correctly but Affinity Designer doesn't. out.svg
  5. Is there a mailing list where I can hear when Affinity Publisher is going to beta on Windows? Or being an Affinity Designer and Photo customer am I already on it? I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it :) Thanks
  6. I'm quite keen to get my hands on the Affinity Publisher when it comes out in Beta. Are you planning to release a Mac & Windows beta at the same time? Being a Windows users I'm quite keen on the Windows version.
  7. I've updated to the version and now when I load a webp file it crashes with an 0x80004003 error. Previously it was working fine. unnamed.zip
  8. If you take a brush path and resize it to make it thinner it produces some strange results. See attached. Brush Resize.afdesign
  9. I drew a path using the pencil tool, selected brush 62, double clicked brush 62 then adjusted the size. When making it smaller it left a number of artifacts on the screen.
  10. If I have the JPEG called '2016-11-06 10.44.08.jpg', load it into Affinity Photo, save it as '2016-11-06 10.44.08.afphoto', then send it to Affinity Designer using File > Edit in designer I get the error '10.44.04.afphoto was not found', followed by '<myusefolder>\Desktop\2016-11-06' The file was not found.
  11. If I create a new document, then click File I would have expected 'Open Folder in Explorer' to be shaded out as I haven't saved it yet. If I click on it it then takes me to my desktop. Shouldn't this be shaded out?
  12. I have an unusual setup with a 3000x2000 pixel laptop screen and a 1360x768 TV set connected as my second monitor. The display laptop is scaled to 200% and the TV scaled to 100% in Windows 10. If I drag Affinity Photo from the laptop to the TV set the UI scales. But if I then show the About screen it appears 200% larger than it should be on the TV set. Also if you open the File > Save dialog that appears at 200% as well.
  13. A bit worse this time. They both crashed. Now both on .35. Running on Windows 7 Enterprise.
  14. Tried the mirroring function for Gaussian Blur Preview and it certainly doesn't look right if you pan the page. If you look at the thumbnail it's quite a wide document. If you search for 'Beach' on Google images you should find this image which I downloaded to experiment with Affinity Photo.