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  1. Hi, The three text boxes at the bottom of the three columns are the same size and have the same filler text in. They have baseline turned on (not globally on spreed just the three boxes). As you can see the text doesn't line up. The lines aren't showing here but they all line up, it is that the text on boxes 2 and 3 do does not sit on the baseline. I have checked all the various char and paragraph setting and they all seem the same. Any ideas? GPCS Brochure 2019 v2.pdf
  2. Hi, I have got an odd problem. I selected some text to try and change it. When I finished with it the select boundary (black and white line) would not go. It didn't stop me carrying on with my work. I've moved the artboard so the ghost select line is not in the way. Any ideas of why this happens and how to get rid of it (I'm presuming one way to get rid is to open another document and copy the artboardfs into it)? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Jon P. Has there been anyone's on this as I a,m trying to export an item fro print that has wingdings on it. Happy to send you the folder if it helps.
  4. Hi, I have an invitation that I am exporting which on it has Wingding characters (small leaf char). When I export to PDF using AD these characters don't appear. Power if I export to PDF using the Print dialogue on the Mac it does. Why is this?
  5. Hi, I am using 1.4 version and having a problem with guides. I have setup thee artboards and I am setting up guides for each. When there is one dartboard all works fine. The problem is with more than one. It appears that the guides, while restricted to the relevant aboard for visual display, take their position from the 0,0 axis of the upper most dartboard (see image). Am I missing something? Thanks and Happy Christmas, Francis.
  6. Update: I reinstalled the driver but used the Post Script one instead of the Canon UFR one. It now appears to be printing at, presumably, a normal size. However it prints in the bottom left corner of the A4 page and placed up against the page and therefore is trimmed as the printer doesn't print without margins. Is there anyway to get it to print in the centre of the page (as iDraw, Ai and others do)? Re zoom setting: there is that option but it isn't on. In fact I don't think it is shown within the AD print window. The other thing I noticed is that when I create a document the "Get Margins from Printer" doesn't do anything. I was expecting it to pull it from a printer. Thanks for reply MattP
  7. Hi, I suspect it is me but I am confused over printing. I'm trying out the AD and have opened a EPS logo image of mine (this was done in, I presume, AI originally). It creates a document that is 199pxx220px and 96 dpi When I print the document to the Canon iR C2380 it prints it beatifully but at a full A4 image. I amazed at the quilty but puzzled because the original work is at 96dpi. My main question is - why does it not print at corrct size? I have created from scratch a 34x43mm advert (300dpi) which also printed as if sized fro full A4. There doesn't seem to be anywhere where I choose A4 (as it could be to A3 on this printer). In other vector apps I've used the artwork normally prints at the size of the image, not the paper it goes on. I can get around this by creating an A4 document and having my image created within this but it doesn't seem like the best way to go. Surely the doc size should be the artwork size? Masny thanks for any help, Francis.
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