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  1. I am a complete novice and use Affinity Designer and Photo for odd bits of work here and there. I am currently putting together a programme for a music festival. I started by creating a new Designer document with artboard set to A5 (plus a bit extra for bleed), i've then created new artboards (same size) for each page. I now want to put the adjoining pages together to show them to my Festival colleagues before we get them printed, so I thought the quickest way to do this would be to export each artboard as a PDF and then create a new file as A4 landscape and place two of the adjoining exported pages in to show a double page layout. However one of my exported artboard files is bigger - as in when I place it into the new double page document it is larger than the page, unlike the other ones which were the exact size and slotted in nicely. I thought perhaps the programme was having a glitch so I closed affinity reopened, discarded the export that was wrong and re-exported it again, but it did the same thing. Any ideas? Obviously i am happy to just resize the export once I place it in the double page file but I was curious as to why this would have happened. Any help greatly received! I've been learning a lot from this forum over the past few days, it's fantastically helpful to a less than knowledgable user like me! Thanks, Amy
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