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  1. When I select a Nikon Raw file from Photos, the low res thumbnail is loaded. Can't work with this.
  2. After it only loaded the low-res jpg when I wanted to work on a Nikon Raw from Photos, I deleted it. Now whichever pic I select from Photos to open, it loads the jpg I deleted, will not load the selected file...... Further investigation suggests it happens only when trying to open Raw, if I open jpg it's OK. Seems the problem is related to opening raw files, and incorrectly trying to low the low res thumbnail instead of the actual raw file..
  3. OK. I can make a selection in the retouch photos extension, but then how can I apply changes to the selected area? Maybe I'm missing something...
  4. Hi MEB, OK, I see, the tools will not go over into the 'not selected' area. Simple when you know:-). Thanks for the reply..