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  1. Wow! AffinityDesigner play the huge role in helping envelop in a new game animation and last but not least Cavaly 1..5 a New off the chain animation software bringing animation to vector artwork on a new level.


  2. How does Affinity grow . . . ?



    1. DrZigZag


      What cat got your tongue . . .

    2. DrZigZag


      Design in Shade 3D, Rendered in Blender 3.3 Composite in Affinity designer, Affinity photo animated in Motion 5 by Apple. Ideals from the infinite possibilities . . .

  3. Affinity need animation time need to be able to do video inside this program is What We asking for. . .

  4. Problems logging in on affinity designer 1.9 and affinity photo 1.9 I'm a registered user will not take my email or the password

    1. DrZigZag



  5. Like your icon

  6. Can Publiher to place a .mov, or .mp4, inside a file document need to have interactive PDF

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