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  1. I'm uploading workable files and making changes on the dpi/pixels... and then the program freezes and then says not responding... I have to force quit over and over... What is the issue does anyone know?
  2. This is so important... Please... Can anyone help me quickly... I've downloaded brushes off of devianart they say photoshop but they work with affinity as well... I work a lot with faces and I need to rotate a pair of lips... I have tried and tried and can't figure it out. I looked through forum and can't find a thread. Thanks so much
  3. Okay thanks... Now my question is how to I reshape it to fit... It's such a different way of doing it in photoshop... so I have a bottom eyelash that I need to fit differently on a left eye then on the right eye... but when I go into the editing of the brush... It doesn't change the rotation in the way that I need... does that make sense
  4. I have both affinity photo and designer... I'm new to this whole thing and have taught myself a lot so far... I paint... and I'm trying to touch up some of my paintings and am doing so in Photo... but the paintbrushes aren't that great to work with and I wish there was a printout of what they did and what they are good for... anyways... I see in photo shop that there are paintbrushes that you can download and make everything easier... but it doesn't say that it works with affinity... is there a simpler way to work with eyelashes then the time consuming way that I'm trying to do it....
  5. Hello there... This program crashes on me ALL of the time... and it's getting very frustrating because it doesn't matter if I save... it still loses my file... and I have to start all over again... I'm doing some intense work and have a lot of it... tonight I had to do the same project four times... and finally just quit the last time that it crashed and will have to redo it all over again tomorrow... Why is this happening so much... Are you working on it? Thanks
  6. Thanks so much... but I can't open it. It;s linked with affinity trial but I have the program.. ha ha ha ... I told you... I'm slow...
  7. I'm trying to add a border around my painting so that the image won't stretch. My goal is to put this image on a cosmetic bag that which I will be selling if I can get this figured out. The company that I am working with is telling me that the image area needs to be Image Area 6.5 H X 10.4 W Critical Area 5.28 H X 8.78 W RGB 300 dpi and a jpeg I"m totally new to any kind of editing and am not very good at it... but I'm desperate to figure this out because my I'm running out of time. Can someone Please offer me some advice... I'd so appreciate it! I basically started painting this past year because I got into a really bad accident... I've created a body of work and I believe that I can sell my images on cosmetic bags, pillows etc... I'm working with an on demand site... but it's not generic like red bubble... They have very specific instructions and i just can't figure it out... i have attached one of my paintings so that you can see what i mean... When they sent me a sample... the image got stretched out and looked cartoonish... not what i'm looking for... The first image is my original painting The second image is the sample that they gave me The third image is the one that I tried to do but as you can see... I have no idea how to use this program... I'm a quick learner but I"m also a clicky clicky kind of learner which has made this very difficult with the added pressure of my injury and needing to find income fast!
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