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  1. Thanks DWright. Took a bit of doing but all is well again.
  2. All of a sudden Affinity Photo instead of the Preview app has become the default viewer for every file on my iMac that has a photo type extension (i.e. .jpeg, .png, .tiff, etc}. I attempted to change the default back to Preview in the Get Info dialog but when I do so and call up a .jpg a dialog says that in cannot open it because it is from an unidentified developer. When I change it back to Affinity Photo the photo comes up fine. Anyone know what is going on?
  3. I agree also but export is the main problem (groping for the home folder). When I save in the proprietary format it automatically returns to the home folder. Don
  4. When I save or export an edited file in Photo I would like it to automatically save to the folder of the original file. That way it would be visible in Finder or Explorer or any 3rd party DAM I am using. Possible?
  5. Thanks for the help. Trashed the old version and then was able to install from the Mac App Store.
  6. Sorry but that doesn't seem to work. The app store Affinity Designer page still has no evident means of downloading the upgrade.
  7. I followed the directions given in the email sent to me regarding the version update. I ended up in the Mac App Store and a nice description of the new version but no button to download it. Only a button labelled Open which I tried and it opened my installed 1.4x version. I renamed my installed version and tried the Open button again and nothing happened. My question is what is the secret to downloading the 1.5 upgrade? Thanks for your help.
  8. I have spent a few days reviewing AD trial and like what I see. I am ready to buy but would like know if I can upgrade the trial after purchase or have to download and install the "real" program? If the latter how do you recommend I get rid of the Trial download? Don
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