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  1. Same here. Please help us make the final move from Sketch to Affinity Designer…
  2. I'm seriously considering the move to Affinity Designer and Photo for all our UX work. Have been using Sketch so far, but Affinity's feature set seems richer and I really hate that Sketch has now switched to a subscription model. So, please, please some kind of converter or import function for Sketch files would really be sweet.
  3. Hi there, I just got my new 5k iMac and fired up Affinity Photo (v1.4.1). I just wanted to do some basic compositing, so I opened a 2500 x 1600 pixel image and put another image on top (1437 × 1767 pixels) and wanted to resize it. You can image my disappointment when dragging the image on the second layer simply turned the whole action into a slideshow. I'm watching the CPU and there's nothing going on there, but dragging layers is slow as molasses to the point where I can't use Affinity Photo on this machine. I'm on OS X 10.11.5 (15F34) El Capitan. Using Acorn or Pixelmator on the same machine is very zippy and no problem with the same images.