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  1. I experience the same behaviour, also on OS X 10.8.5 I also noticed, that it only happens in the designer and pixel persona. In export persona it works like it is supposed.
  2. BTW, the error message that appeared when i tried to save recently changed to this:
  3. Great tip, thank you so much ianrobertdouglas! For now this fixed the problem. I had to dactivate all the fonts on my Mac and now i can use AD again. I have lots of fonts activated, too, around 2500. When i reduced to around 2000 it still did not work, with all of them deactivated it now works fine. Thanks again! Henry
  4. Sorry, i did not receive a notification that you posted a question and just saw it now. So i am late with my answer :rolleyes: I am referring to the problems i posted, which are: i can not save an file with AD, and i can not open any file. I can use th app, but without saving it’s useless to me. These problems still are not solved with the latest update. Cheers Henry
  5. Version 1.5 does not solve any of the bugs i experience with AD.
  6. Thank you so much for your help. I tried that many times already and it never works. Designer has all the permissions for the current user account, but it does not help.
  7. Thanks Chris. I’ll be happy to hear from you again! Cheers Henry
  8. Aaaand i’m back :blink: I don’t know why but the errors are back today. I can’t save, can’t open and can’t place. I wonder if this has something to do with the trial version? Does the full version of AD somehow "think" it is the trial version and then deny access? And, btw, now i can’t solve the problem by saving to the dropbox anymore. Really strange. I worked with AD on Friday, everything worked fine. Now its back to before :/ Cheers Henry
  9. Hi Chris, thanks again for your help. I just solved the problem by accident and the solution is as strange as the problem was. Here is what i did: 1. Create new doc in AD 2. Click "save as" 3. Choose this folder: my account -> public -> drop box 4. Click OK I could save in the shared folder and afterwards i could save everywhere :blink: So, whatever happened here is beyond my understanding :D I can now open files, save them and place images in them. Everything is fixed. Cheers! Henry
  10. No, you were right. I just tried to export when i read your post. :) I think this is the last post i can write today. I will get back to this thread on Monday. Thanks for your help so far!
  11. Yes, this worked. I could open files and save them. But i need AD to work on my main account. And i wonder how the permissions got changed at all? I did both, with no effect.
  12. Hi Chris, i will try out your tipps in a second. For the Export i can already say that it also does not work. I get an error message box with no message in it. I’ll get back to you as soon as i tried your advice.
  13. Hi Chris, thanks for your quick answer. Yes, i removed AD from my Mac and reinstalled it multiple times. Nothing changes. 1. That’s what i did so far. Now i clicked on a file to open it with AD and i get the message "The file could not be opened because permission was denied." 2. Yeah, i tried several locations and i did not try to save to any unusual folder. I get the same message everywhere. 3. I also tried the CTRL reset but it didn’t help.
  14. Hello everybody, i am having lots of problems with my newly purchased Affinity Designer :( I used the free trial for the last week and really liked AD. Today i purchased the full version on the App Store. Now i can’t use AD anymore. Here are the problems i know of so far: 1. I can’t open any AD files i created with the trial version. Nothing happens if i click on a file. 2. I can create but I can’t save new files. I keep getting this message: "Failed to save document: <Untitled> Save failed because the file path that given was not valid." This happens regardless of the folder i choose to save the file in. 3. AD crashes whenever i try to place a file inside the file (like a scan of a sketch). So, what can i do? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Henry
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