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  1. Using Huion Q11K, now it works fine in the Huion calibration program, but there is no pressure sensitivity in Photo. I have set the brush property to depend on pressure and tried fiddling with the curves too. Even with default x=y there is no sensitivity. Velocity kinda works sometimes. Further, any click (even after selecting another tool, say, hand,) instantly changes it to the eraser. The same click works normally otherwise the rest of the time. Any help appreciated. (AP 1.6.6 on macOS 10.13.1)
  2. So basically, it will not be a vector when I use the Pen tool in APhoto? (The text is made of fat Pen lines. I thought it'll be a vector.)
  3. So I should get Designer if I wanna make sellable vector art? If I export sag from inkscape into APhoto and then out to eps from there would the quality be same? and thanks for the feedback :)
  4. Just started on Affinity Photo. Other than post processing, using it mainly to vectorise my ambigram design orders (this one is kinda pseudo since it says different words). Was just fooling around with the logo. Vectors also pixelate if you zoom in too much right? The feathers are just fat strokes. Hit me up if anyone wants to order an ambigram. :P And if anyone could tell me how can I get different brushes/textures as the stroke on the pen tool, that'll be great! (Only the line works..) Cheers!
  5. Hello, I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo on my Mac. I used to pen tool to make some shapes and then added a stroke. When it is a line it works fine, but when I change it to texture (the paintbrush icon after the dashed line) it has no effect, and even when clicking on the properties, I cannot change anything in the pop-up as everything is greyed out. The end result I wanted is to have some brush stroke on my vector lines. I cannot achieve anything more than some lines with varying pressure curves.
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