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  1. hey matt, Thanks for your responses, all. TIF file does open in affinity photo - but that's all. I have to be able to access these files with any/most mac graphics program. This file is RGB 16 BIT. I'll send support a drop box link to one of the files in question. I'd like to get their feedback. In the interim I've tried a number of variations: every single attempt works but the one I want. I can change the size and export and file is viewable. I can take a selection and paste it into a new doc and TIF export works. FWIW, on another forum, a commenter noted that TIF works best
  2. I am exporting. Is this repeatable in your system? - have you tested this with the recommended compression and generated a tif that is viewable? I am not sure if this is an anomaly on my system or simply a bug.
  3. When I save as TIF, lanczos 3 (non separable), the resulting file is blank, or black, or filled with static. This is the file compression recommended in your tutorials (excellent, btw). Other filetypes, jpg, png are viewable with that compression algorithm. The resulting file is the same size as that calculated in the export pane. No Mac app I have can open, including graphic converter. Is this issue repeatable by members of this forum, or is it some anomaly related to my system?
  4. A white point panel which enables setting the white point. I don't really understand the use of the current white point panel. There is no tutorial about this crucial aspect of processing. So, feature request: white point set: click a Kodak grey card in your photo and have all colors reset a usage tutorial for this proposed feature, and a tutorial about the current white point panel - how best to workaround current limitations...
  5. When, in the past, I would photograph artwork I would shoot a kodak patch sheet and then set white point in Lightroom by clicking a known neutral patch. How would I do the same thing in APhoto? White point panel has picker but how to use in same fashion as Lightroom so colors are reset based on known neutral?
  6. When users want to archive a processed RAW image and its edits, sometimes involving many hours of work, what would you recommend? Proprietary formats can be unavailable for many reasons - a company can go belly up, it can move to another focus and not support older iterations, etc....what recommendations can you offer for saving work for possible future edits? This is not a criticism, just an enquiry before investing many hours in the work I have ahead. I've been delighted with the intelligence and power of AP - even the tutorials and web site itself reflect well on the team. I've been roo
  7. Just started using AP. In considering AP for an upcoming workflow, after years of photoshop, I wondered about the .afphoto filetype. PSD is widely supported on the mac, but what will open .afphoto? The embedded help file had no entries for afphoto...How does one store the edited files? ps: why doesn't serif directly offer tech support for AP?
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