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  1. hofft

    Export to pdf rasterizes vectors

    Thanks for the explanation. Do you know whether vector 'brushy' brushes (i.e. with stroke imitating natural flow of a brush or a charcoal) are going to be implemented someday? Also, if the brushes are raster rather than vector, is there a size limit for each brush stroke? (i.e. the size of each stroke (in pt) above which the edges become blurry in let;s say 300 dpi)?
  2. Hello, Even though I have entire illustration in vectors (with brush), when exporting to pdf it converts to rasterized mess:( Did i do something wrong or is it just how it works? (The attached files show a snippet that should be vector but isn't and an outline preview of the exported pdf from Illustrator. There are no transparencies or effects applied apart from the brush itself)