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  1. Niffirg

    Can't select different layer

    I'm actually on Yosemite.
  2. Niffirg

    Can't select different layer

    Hi MEB, thanks for replying! the documents I work in when the problem arises only consist of curves and text with no embedded content. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Hello, I just bought Designer after using the trial and I'm loving it it! I do however have one recurring issue that gets frustrating. When working on a document, I will occasionally get stuck an a selected layer for what appears to be no reason. I am unable to click on any other layer to get out of the one currently selection. The only thing I can do enable working on all layers, but as soon as I turn it off It remains on the last selection. The other option I have is to save and restart, definitely not optimal. I also am still able to hide layers, as well as show and collapse sub layers. Thanks for any help!