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  1. I have been able to do the following steps: Create a table. Place an image (which places it on the page, not in the table). Cut the image (Cmd-X). Click into a table cell to place the text cursor. Paste the image (Cmd-V). After these steps the image appears to be embedded in the table cell and adheres to horizontal and vertical positioning applied to that table cell. That's good to see, but how can I place the image directly into a table cell? The above workflow is cumbersome when doing a lot of these.
  2. Well, yes. Yes it does. I looked high and low for a menu option and did not think to look on the File menu. In my mind, that menu is for "whole of document" actions. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  3. I've been watching lots of tutorials and playing around with Designer to get used to it. When I got to the video on Symbols in Designer 1.5, this concept leapt to mind, and so I made it. It makes use of Symbols, Artboards and the power of the Export Persona to simplify outputting all the required sizes for an iOS application icon. And of course designing the artwork in the first place is easy and fun with all the Designer tools at your disposal. This blog post explains how to use it and contains the download link.
  4. I have an art board with a large Symbol on it which I then duplicate in much smaller scale to additional, smaller art boards. If I create a shape inside the original symbol and set a stroke width of, say 20pt, then the stroke width is an actual 20pt on all copies of the symbol, regardless of their relative scale. I was expecting the stroke to be scaled proportionally. The example shows a 45pt stroke on the circle as set in the 1024pt large art board. You can see it is also 45pt on the smaller art boards, pretty much destroying the design.
  5. Silly me! I just spotted the "Scale with object" check box in the Stroke settings pane. Fixed!
  6. I'll weigh in here rather than open a new thread. The Place ability is great but is lacking in two key ways what Photoshop's Smart Objects can do – at least for my purposes. First, and this can be worked around currently, is that I cannot edit a Placed file unless it's an .aphoto file. This seems like a simple fix because opening a JPEG and choosing Save as... does the conversion and the resulting file can be placed and edited, so the functionality is all available, just not linked. In fact, Photoshop has the ability to "convert to smart object" any layer that is already in place – doing that would solve the problem AND the related problem of the Placement having to be in an external file to start with. Second, duplicate by reference. The ability to load one "smart object" and have multiple copies each with their own scale and translation, layer effects, etc, but when you edit one, all copies are updated. This is really useful for logo work amongst other things.
  7. I'm loving the videos. In Sky Replacement, you replace more than the sky with some of the techniques. Despite pointing out the "clouds in the sea" later in the video and cloning them out, the original technique completely obliterates the sea. I was hoping to see how to handle the demarcation between sea and sky when they are both very similar blues.

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