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    amigatheone got a reaction from NilsFinken in Affinity Designer Woes   
    The main problem is pc=mac cant do True real-time multitasking , and you are seeing it here.So yes i see in the vid u are "running" a task/program that causes a it to slow down. Funny thing is I have win 7 ,and less ram ,and working fine. Not perfect.Yes,I do tend to shut down most everything when im on x86
    I agree though when you depress the icons you should know when it is depressed or ie you should know if/when it is selected.. isnt that what you guys call your "modern" look. You ,but not me. I like realism , and readability.
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    amigatheone got a reaction from Garikfubs in Workbook Designer   
    The links in the book are of teal ,and a might small.. Should be bigger ,and a darker color Plus, any text that is teal should be a darker color.The links needs to have a forward slash also. I mean not everyone is a Internet guru...just saying.. . Further more what happened to Droid output. png doesn't mean ios .Apple didn't invent png. Slice exporting all that is talked about, and shown is apple this or that.Workbook needs to be pc/droid  also or just be in general Yes, I have a Windows keyboard cutout in the back of the hardback book. What about   a PDF that would be $15 if bought separately or free if you got the hardback it would also have all the fixes .This way we could just double click the link., and kinda not look off the screen or copy and paste. You know more intuitive. 21 century. I might add maybe there should be a ftp depository for this so it cant get updated and bigger ,and people could get updates on that via news. Just a side not most work could have been done in a shorter time ,,ie the logo ellipse-(lace frame) could have been down in three moves instead of what look like 15 .Well 5 anyhow. Still, nice book. Really nioce layout. Hope to see the same with the other programs With the afore mentioned updates ,and also online one too.
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    amigatheone reacted to amigatheone in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi, by my name you can see what platform I come from ,and Serif would know me as there are few of us. lol  More to the point I hear oh we should stick with MAc ...a MAc is a pc with closed source Linux so that covers both topics. Im just hoping it will be as easy as well Photoimpact as that reminds me of the superiror Image FX dam neat true 24bit and true 48bit graphics program..Yes we had several of those..I digress. We, dont need another pos adobe wannabbe. Glad you guys are going to make it standard across the board ,been saying that for years now. Jsut dont make it too expensive, %^)and  Oh yeah cant wait to test it out.

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