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  1. ew ugly ,but thanks for the link ..hate flat icon clipartish look ..very unrealistic. modern is realism .After all that is the SCORM standard which the UI/UX is part of. Those icons aren't the SCORM standard

  2. Hi amigatheone,

    Adding support for those and other plug-ins isn't as straightforward as it may seem. Regular Image filters may be relatively easy to support since they are more or less "self contained" and just have to receive and send the image back to Affinity however there's others that rely on automation/calls to perform actions for which we don't have an equivalent feature/functionality implemented yet. All of them where developed using Photoshop's SDK and as such rely on Pohotoshop's functionality that may not be available in other hosts.

    true to form .. would love to see 3d soon 

  3. Hi amigatheone,

    Thanks for your report As far as i know 3D Invigorator only works in Photoshop. No other host is supported.

    I have not tested Alien Skin plugins on Windows, but currently they also don't work on the Mac.

    Which OS are you runing Windows or Mac?

    dang I wanted to do 3d in photo ,and its windows  You have wix collection working so really how hard is it

  4. wan, thanks. We changed PayPal error handling for Photo launch, so it seems like we now need to improve error feedback.

    nope been trying to buy via paypal and still brings me back to the payment option screen ,and yes already bought  designer via paypal. Apparently if you had a paypal name like xara group or number or email I could pay u directly then it would be fine as my card wait in limbo..nope tried the affinity email  to pay u guys still cant pay ..would like to buy photo dang now it seems time is running out what gives .

  5. Well, probably I should have anticipated that a software built for Intel architecture would not run well on AMD Cpu's. :lol: Cpu usage has too high spikes with AD on multiple cores which puzzle me why it does that. Before purchase i've checked if my system meets the specs and i believe it does.



    Only used the tablet once to check how drawing works in AD and usually I turn off its services as they interfere with mouse smoothness. Will try some older nVidia driver to see how it works, as their quality decreased a lot recently. So other than removing video drivers there is nothing left for me to turn off. And as I said before turning off other running apps made absolutely NO difference in AD speed.



    Never had a problem with multitasking especially with properly written software and common sense usage. My problems are not of multitasking nature.


    You can't thats the point  thats part of the problem as iw as saying which is what you are missing its its reared its ugly head as proof



     In my case my screen has a TN panel so depending on eye position top ends darker and a higher contrast would ease legibility. I am also a fan of text or something easily identified as I find it easier to find something if you know what you are looking instead of waiting for the brain to interpret a fancy design icon.


    Well, yeah a bevel icon then a depressed icon showing it has been depressed also a little bigger maybe showing white text.

  6. The main problem is pc=mac cant do True real-time multitasking , and you are seeing it here.So yes i see in the vid u are "running" a task/program that causes a it to slow down. Funny thing is I have win 7 ,and less ram ,and working fine. Not perfect.Yes,I do tend to shut down most everything when im on x86

    I agree though when you depress the icons you should know when it is depressed or ie you should know if/when it is selected.. isnt that what you guys call your "modern" look. You ,but not me. I like realism , and readability.

  7. Hi amigatheone,

    To which styles are you referring to? I believe you are referring to the assets (see screenshot below):




    If that's the case you need to import them going to the Assets panel, clicking on the menu on the top right of the panel, selecting Import Assets... and pointing to the Grade UI.assets file inside the Assets folder that comes with the Grade UI Kit. Or are you referring to  

    The right box with the  Layers then Effects then the "STYLES "  tab I am still with the default ones , but I saw here that KIt there was given more styles .i didn't get anymore..With the Kit.

  8. Given that it wasn't that long ago that the official word from Serif was that they had no intention of adding a Windows version to the Mac version of Affinity Photo and now here I am enjoying the beta version of that software I would be surprised if the above answer is set in stone?


    Certainly as a long time supporter/purchaser of Serif products I've had MoviePlus on my PC since the very first edition and, though I almost jumped ship in purchasing Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12, surprisingly I still return to MoviePlus X6 rather often to knock out efficient videos.  I'm sure I'm far from alone in really wanting Serif to do an Affinity on MoviePlus . . I'm even going to hold off on taking advantage of the discounted prices for upgrading to Vegas from Magix . . just in case next year Serif change their mind.

    Magix/xara has lower end editors..I doubt serif will go the VE route.  I do belive XARA will combine the best of Sony and Magix Video pro in the near future, That would be cool.

  9. Amigatheone, this 12 page thread is not the best place to resolve this. Please post in this other thread


    ...where I found this advice


    "The Grade UI Kit includes a PDF file (QuickStart_Guide.pdf) with instructions to install all the included items"

    It has nothing to do with installing..this has to do with not having the styles in the first place .Also, we are talking about Ui kit here.


  10. I have forgotten about Resolve. I saved it on my bookmarks a while back, but I didn't follow up on it because there were no screenshots or tutorials at the time. That looks pretty neat and a lot easier to use than the head-itching Premiere.


    The base version is free? What? There have been years of people reviewing the best free video editor. Why was this never on the list then while crappy programs like Windows Live Movie Maker were?

    Figures avoid what i say due to the fact i mention Amiga as it puts fact, and a thorn in all of your sides. Free yes and superior software  on the Amiga side. Yes I mentioned magix its here comes blender ,and resolve this or that.It seems as though that as soon as anyone that mentions an Amiga that person doesn't know crap.Funny we are the ones that started the Editing on every level ,and use still superior software and hardware. Yet you continue to look for the answers.i give you the better alternative sad sad shame. Well, it is what it is maybe serif will do pretty good with affinity






  11. Here are some vector/line animation tools.


    Studio Ghibli's Toonz: https://opentoonz.github.io/e/index.html

    ToonBoom Harmony: http://www.toonboom.com/products/harmony

    Synfig Studio: http://www.synfig.org/cms/

    Anime Studio (now Moho): http://my.smithmicro.com/anime-studio-2D-animation-software.html

    Pencil2D: https://www.pencil2d.org


    For logo animations and animated typography you could just use Apple's Motion. It doesn't do SVG but .ai and .pdf files.



    Kicking the tires ,and many more you woudl have had all those answers ,and tools so early on.Plus many more that you will never attin with any of these:


     Aegis Draw, ProDraw (Professional Draw) from Gold Disk Inc., DrawStudio, Art Expression, ProVector, and for some basic vector graphics, also the tools of Professional Page and PageStream are useful.

    True these are on Amiga classic as its called,but jsut making a point

    AS for the VE for x86 akak mac=pc try MAGIX it rocks it has variying degrees advances


    http://www.magix.com/us/products/    choose video and select where u fit in  or readjust.. go from there the operating system doesnt mind at all as they all work from win 7 above.

  12. We need Affinity Animator to take on Adobe's monopoly on Motion Design w/ After Effects. There simply isn't a decent alternative to what After Effects does. Moho 12 can replace the need for most 2D animation done in AE for about the price of an After Effects plugin but there is so much more utility that needs to be covered.

    ACtually there was and is IT was the Sheepeople part of you .Ie forced on you. ,and you didnt kick the tires.The Amiga still out weighs the Adobe stuff.Really Image Fx, Millieum, and many more. all this stuff was so good .. Windows companies bought it outright from Kermit. humm Still cant beat quailty as some where relased on windos ,and failed miserably. Due to downgrading for windows/mac side. This showed the inferioty of the x86. Since,the Toaster/Ligthwave  for the Pc/Mac which is better then any Adobe product .The PC/MAc Toaster/Lightwave can't compete against any orginal Amiga Toaster/FLyer . The Engineers and the CEO has said so Therefore Adobe surely isnt the greatest since sliced bread , and it isnt .. I dont know what is with this  fake sitgma of Adobe and Mac ,but it is a bunch of horse blah.Affinity comes out with stuff in beta ,and its it doesn't have this or that ..danggum its beta.Give Serif a break.. Adobe stuff sucks .i could give a littinty of problems with Adobe.its. not the defacto standard. Do you realize they still use Amiga in Hollywood ,and othere places like NASA.,,and TBN .Serif with its Affinty is striving to be better by being unique,and and again better at the same time ..with a better gui(interface) .It adds stuff. also. Nothing is perfect,but Serif  is doing pretty good.

    Summary keep it up the GOOD work Serif ,and oh yeah can u get a plugin in for 3d objects,and maybe wrap text around obects   :unsure:  :D


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