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  1. Been using Designer since the beginning, still waiting for a Blend function. This is big hole in the tool box. Warp would be good also.
  2. OS X El Capitan on a late model macbook pro. Yes, this question pertains to Designer. I've tried to access the feather function in both draw and pixel persona. Just can't seem to get anything to happen, even when the tool is not greyed out and the slider is onscreen. Not responding, for whatever reason. Any advice welcome.
  3. Can someone please explain how to get the feather tool working? No matter how I approach it or how I select the object, nothing seems to happen. And the rectangular marquee tool doesn't appear to function either. No doubt I'm doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out, and I even have the workbook.
  4. Long-time user of Adobe & Corel, and personally prefer the later. With a few improvements and some tweaking, the Affinity suite could certainly be a contender. I’m still getting the hang of the interface, but the overall architecture and performance are impressive. Just as a start, it would be useful to have a good Blend tool, a Dimension/Angle tool, multiple page capability, and compatibility with CDR files. I look forward to the Publisher addition to the series.
  5. Is there a tool similar to the Blend tool in Corel Draw whereby one object can be "blended" into another, both by color and shape, in discreet overlapping steps? For instance, a blue circle goes to a red square in 10 steps? It sure would be nice if there was comprehensive manual for this program. I like the overall concept, but figuring out how to do things I've always done is not easy.
  6. Simle question - Should the trial version be uninstalled before buying the full version from the App Store? Any particular protocol to follow?
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