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  1. Dumb question here: Do we have Inpainting Brush on the Photo area in Designer?
  2. Unfortunately, while I can open the file, there's not a lot I can do with it! Although I can view the contents inside the Layers thumbnails, there's nothing appearing in the main work document. Additionally, after several attempts to open the file, this error message started to show up!
  3. A client has shared a file type with me that I haven't encountered previously. I can request them to send a different file that would enable me to carry out the project without problems. Nonetheless, I'm curious to learn if you've ever dealt with this sort of file and if so, how you were able to effectively work with it.
  4. Please disregard any disrespectful remarks. You are welcome to revisit any topic and leave comments, regardless of when they were posted. Personally, I have found online converters that can be edited upon export, but I recognize that some individuals may require a more professional solution. I empathize with your frustration and I am also hopeful that Affinity will incorporate those features soon.
  5. Procrastination refers to the act of delaying or postponing tasks, activities, or responsibilities that need to be accomplished. That doesn’t have anything to do with my comment. It seems you misinterpreted it or didn’t understand the argument. I will put it simple: AI isn’t a problem solver. It’s a nice feature or service to have for reference and brainstorming. That’s it.
  6. @walt.farrell It seems that you may not fully grasp the significance of a forum for users. Regardless of the age of a topic, it can provide valuable assistance to individuals seeking answers. That is precisely why forums remain accessible even if they are closed, allowing people to receive help over time. There's no need to be impolite simply because you perceive an answer as outdated. Furthermore, Affinity is capable of exporting designs in various formats compatible with conversion tools used by other platforms. This makes it convenient to create designs in Affinity, export them as PDF, and convert them into Word documents using this online service.
  7. Well… don’t go that far. I use Adobe CC for obvious Agency reasons and in my M1 Mac with 1T SSD all my Adobe Apps crash DAILY. So… crashing is not a good tool to determine if an app is pro or not. Apps will crash, that’s why they send updates often. People find flaws and the developers fix them.
  8. It can be frustrating when you try to explain a necessary feature that is clearly needed in an app you frequently use, but the staff members seem blind to it and are unwilling to listen or acknowledge its importance. Instead of acknowledging the need, they create unnecessary drama and insist on their viewpoint, making the company appear dictatorial. This forces users to purchase multiple apps to fulfill their requirements, rather than providing a comprehensive solution within a single photo editing app.
  9. I use this page for any conversion needed. https://anyconv.com/ Just in case you need a solution right away.
  10. You didn’t understand. That’s ok. By the way I use all those amazing features and one of my favorites is the one that let me sync content! Let me try again describing a possible escenario: I would like to use Affinity Photo or Designer to write a message on a square art board using the Arial font. The message should say "50% on every item! Summer Sale!" I want to have the option to choose from a variety of design compositions specifically made for text, and each time I select an option, I should see different designs to choose from. Once I find a composition I like, I should be able to customize it according to my preferences. Essentially, I'm looking for pre-designed layout and style options that can be applied to any text I write on the art board. Hope is easier to understand now.
  11. When I used Photoshop in the past (before CC was introduced), I had invested a lot of money in actions and styles that were essential for my daily tasks, especially for clients who required club flyers and CD covers. Nowadays, I use tools like OFFEO, RELAYTHAT, and CANVA for some clients who prefer those apps for their final projects. I am interested in Affinity Photo or Designer and their potential advantages. The latest update of Pixelmator Pro has added Canva-like features, including templates. Even Adobe is moving towards an automated design engine that can be manipulated for fast delivery. I am wondering if Affinity apps have something similar to actions and styles, as it would be great to create reusable templates and styles for whole setups. Are there any plans to introduce such features in Affinity apps? I have found that I can design a template in PowerPoint and upload it to Canva for editing without any issues, but exporting the same template from Affinity Designer as a PDF did not work as smoothly.
  12. That's not helping with productivity. Having an image fixed effortlessly is enabling your procrastination.
  13. I am unable to disclose the exact reason why Siri stopped being useful, but those involved in its development are aware. However, I can direct your attention to a similar situation where Apple was partnered with Google for the search engine and GPS on the iPhone. When Google decided to compete, they took the search and GPS with them, leaving Apple in a difficult position. This forced Apple to purchase TomTom GPS and start from scratch. Sometimes history repeats itself, and that is all I can say.
  14. It's best to approach this with some skepticism. Those of us who have tried using only the basic apps on Vision OS can confidently say it's true. However, once you start using your favorite apps and they run smoothly, you'll be less likely to switch back. Consider how long you'd continue using a Mac if you were limited to only Mail, Facetime, and iTunes.
  15. As Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc... Yes. I urge you to try it out yourself and confirm whether my assumption was incorrect or not.
  16. Recently, I devoted half an hour to trying out a pair of 'ski goggles.' Once you have the opportunity to experience it (which I hope you do next year), you will comprehend why individuals willingly overlook the weighty apparatus attached to their faces. It undeniably feels burdensome and peculiar, but here's the crucial point: you'll find yourself yearning to remain in that state indefinitely.
  17. AI is a remarkable code that has been around even before its current popularity. It leverages and rearranges existing information to produce extraordinary outcomes, serving as a valuable tool for our requirements. The truth is straightforward: if you believe AI can replace you as a data entry employee, it suggests you were a problem solver rather than a true professional. True professionals will continue to thrive because they possess skills and abilities that AI cannot replicate. If a task doesn't require human intervention, it was merely a trivial undertaking rather than a substantial job. AI will streamline and eliminate areas where we previously benefited economically but lacked genuine employment opportunities. Some companies are now able to save significant amounts of money by leveraging AI, rendering certain positions obsolete, which is ultimately positive. Individuals no longer needed for tasks that AI can handle can transition to meaningful jobs that require uniquely human capabilities. It's crucial for all of us to acknowledge this reality; otherwise, we may find ourselves despondent while others succeed.
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