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  1. Maybe I'm missing something here. Every time I drop an SVG file to a Designer project, it is automatically turned into an embedded file instead of the same SVG file I'm dropping. Is there a setting to avoid this? Sometimes I just need the SVG file in my project as it is.
  2. Your post is incredibly good. Very well explained and super helpful. I wish all the contributions on this forum were exactly as yours so we can have a community of professionals looking for unity and mastering the tools we choose to achieve our goals. I barely find useful comments like the one you shared with us. Most of the time is blinded fanatics that doesn’t want to accept the flaws or misbehavior of the apps and pretend that everything is find. Keep your posts coming, my friend!
  3. I make the changes and also found out that I can save directly to iCloud! That’s awesome!
  4. If you have a Mac use keynote app or the right click to save main person: https://d.pr/v/KF44b1
  5. Besides the ironically intention to continue with this already finished topic, I feel the need to just point out your justification argument of a not well UI/UX design implemented as it perfectly illustrates the fact that we're not talking about a Word Processor, in fact that is why I thought it was a good thing to discuss because we were talking about a professional design software. I can tolerate a missing graphic creation tool on a word processor, but a 'setting option' for something that I don't have on my designer tool is as good as buying a house with a pool filter installed without a pool. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day with your family, my friend. Let's just end this topic already, at the end you will keep your opinion of "it's not a flaw" and I will keep my opinion of "It is a flaw" over and over again. Truce?
  6. I missed your post, friend. It seems I was confused by a design implementation of the graphic interface. I thought something was added on version 2 based on the settings options, and I was wrong. Others were triggered by my reaction, but the conversation was moving to another path and I stop trying to explain my personal experience with the issue. So, there's no point here, I received my answer and everything is fine. Answering your questions just for fun will be: 1. Are you saying you disagree with their reasons for this or something else? - No, I was referring to the fact that you mentioned there were a lot of forums with the same topic. Basically admitting many users were confused with the same setting in Photo. 2. Do you think they should do differently? - If I was one of the UI/UX designers, with a small [i] next to the setting option, explaining that it would work with Designer files when opened, should work fine but, hey what a UI/UX designer knows about it right? Have a great night, friend. Keep enjoying V2 Apps! I'm so happy with them, I should get a job as a sales representative! lol, Already make all my friends buying the universal deal!
  7. Topic has been solved, explained and understood. Anything else, I will be happy to help.
  8. Again, it's obvious I will never be the person with the right observation when the lack of tolerance for a constructive opinion is leading the conversation. I asked for respect of opinion, so I will respect others opinions as well. Let's just agree to disagree.
  9. It's sad that a real observation about a design flaw triggers some people's affiliation to a certain app. Let's pretend that you are right, and it's perfectly designed with a target audience in particular. What happens if the new user, a never experienced in Affinity ecosystem designer coming from maybe Pixelmator find that in the settings. Obviously, will start looking for a way to create art boards. Frustrated will be here looking for answers and someone here tells him that is there for marketing reasons and if he buys Designer he will be able to create those art boards. Do you really think that will make him happy? As a UI/UX designer under Sketch software, working for agencies more than 20+ years, it is in my opinion (one that should be respected because has not been said to insult anybody here) a flaw in graphic user and experience design. Why? It's not directly related with the app functionality. Primary rule of UI/UX. Hope you can understand my point.
  10. I know that. I was wondering if you can create an art board in Photo, the same way you do it on Designer. It seems it can't be done... weird UI design flaw. Thanks
  11. I noticed Artboards Settings on Photo 2. I can't find where to make them? Any help will be appreaciated. Thanks
  12. Vectorstyler is 50% off right now (Black Friday Sale) I mean… if you were waiting to get it, the time is now!
  13. Pixelmator Pro, Photopea, and Acorn export editable text. Why? Those apps are intended for professional users. Even one click background eraser is a default feature on the OS itself and other apps take advantage of it. I’m not saying you’re giving excuses for a lack of features. I’m just saying they can’t ignore who these apps are designed for. This is not for mom’s free time to do some photo crafts laptop. Even Linux has apps that offer that. You know how sad I was today buying Pixelmator Pro just for editable psd export and instant selection? I mean, I paid $99 for a great bundle but we need that bundle to achieve our needs.
  14. I have faith that it will be on 2.1 Affinity knows the struggle. Just an PSD editable text export will do. I don't need effect, plugins, add-ons or any of the other Adobe crap inside a PSD file. I just need editable text. That's all.
  15. I recently got a project to turn 25 pictures into black and white with colorful light flares passing around the worker model person with shattered particles around their bodies. The client send me the photoshop add-ons and brushes and specifically told me it got to be done in photoshop. I did it all in Affinity Publisher. Using all the apps in one give me the versatility and productivity I need to achieve this task and I didn’t use either the brushes or the add-ons he provided. One of the workflows to get the person out of the picture was super fun using the Affinity Share option on the Menu bar, basically I shared it to Apple’s Photo app and with a right click I copied the selection and pasted to the Affinity project like, instantly! I will try to use Keyboard Maestro to see if I can create a macro that can be helpful to this kind of workflow in the future.
  16. In Apple's Preview app and in Keynote app you can remove background with a click or click and drag like instantly. Recently a friend show me how he removes a background with Pixelmator Pro, literally one click and everything around the object is gone. Knowing that Afinity Photo 2 is a powerful image editor and is marketing for the Pros, I need to know if there's a similar way to extract an object or delete a background with it. In the latest iOS update, I can touch an image on any photo on the iPad and copy just the person without the background instantly. That's how I'm doing as part of the workflow with Affinity Photo 2 on iPad, but today I was trying to do a fast edit on a picture and didn't find a way to achieve this. I literally Airdrop the pic to the iPad and copy the image with one touch and paste it on Affinity Photo, but it has to be a faster way on the desktop version, right? Well I learned you can do the same thing using certain apps on macOS like Preview and Photos and so on... Why I can't find a way to do it inside Affinity Photo? Pixelmator is using the Apple's API, obviously! Am I doing something wrong? Is because Affinity runs in Windows too and can't take advantage of macOS capabilities? Any idea of how to remove a background with a click or click and drag will be appreciated. Video: https://d.pr/v/KF44b1
  17. When using UWHD Screens monitors (Wide 34/46 inches ones) the windows are hard to read, and it's no way of fixing it. Using Apple Studio Display in normal view is fine but when you use the Extra space view it also makes impossible to enjoy the text. However, this is something related with the monitor, not Affinity. Most people and designers use monitors that aren't designed for video editing, and with color calibration and IPS framework you can work fine. View sonic, Samsung and Dell offer great monitors for graphic designs and UI/UX, so it's better to build a work space that fit your needs.
  18. I’m using an iPad Pro late 2020, not M1. I installed Designer 2 and upload a file that was original made on Adobe Illustrator. I started editing the file and suddenly crashed. When I open the file my progress didn’t saved either. I start the editing again and manually start selecting ‘save’ from the menu to avoid the same experience. It crashes again and to my surprise the progress wasn’t saved either. I open other file, originally made on Affinity Designer 1 just to see if the Adobe file was the problem. It seems is not the file because it crashes again. It doesn’t happen if I start a project from scratch, but as a professional I have lots of projects that I will be opening and this is not good. I bought the universal license. I support your work. Please fix this bug.
  19. Answering completely honest, Yes and No. Yes: if you are installing it on your daughter (or Spouse) laptop that is registered on your name. Even if you want your brother to have it, you need to be sure it is on a laptop that "belongs" to you. In my case, for example, Every device in my household, Wife, Daughter, etc. is under my same account. Legally, they're all mine. No: If you want to sell it on eBay, give it away to a friend or maybe a family member that owns the machine. In that case, you can't.
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